Monday, April 27, 2015

The UMP, the PS and the FN are heading on regional – BBC

GRAPHICS – The voting December must provide the executive of the thirteen new regions. The majority divided, could lose some of its strongholds.

The left and the executive dread, the UMP and Nicolas Sarkozy the ‘hope: 6 regional and 13 December could come erase snubs inflicted to the right in the 2004 elections and 2010. There are eleven, the UMP and the center had experienced a first thawed losing twelve of their fourteen presidencies of regional councils, including Loire, Champagne-Ardenne and Lower Normandy yet very rooted right. Six years later, the left going to the brink of grand slam by failing to take the only Alsace.

Today at the head of twenty and twenty-two metropolitan areas (and two of the four Meetings overseas), the Socialist Party and its allies know they have much to lose. If they doubted …


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