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VIDEO. More than 500 volunteers are combing the forest of L’Isle-Adam … – Le Parisien

Frédéric Naizot | April 26, 2015, 20:16 | Updated: April 26, 2015, 22:01

“We will return to this little guy! “A stick in hand, Marie-Claude, 63, launches resolved to attack the forest of L’Isle-Adam, in search of Marcus, two and a half years, disappeared Friday in Butry-sur-Oise . More than 500 people responded Sunday to calling the police to conduct a large beaten in the woods alongside the military and volunteers of civil protection, braving the rain for several hours and a temperature of 12 °.

“This is an impressive crowd, a large solidarity movement is striking,” says Mayor Butry, Daniel Desfoux

“Your mission. Raking part southeast of the forest of L’Isle-Adam. “A policeman gives instructions to the crowd at 14: 30 pm in front of the town hall, is eight groups of a hundred people. The No. 1 takes the walking route to Castle Stors, crossing again volunteers from a family with children, yet swell the ranks of the defeated.

After a half hour walk, on the edge of the forest, Moreau chief meets his group will rake plot 87 largest. “You stay three meters of each other. It’s very thick. Always follow the military and the person of civil protection, staying on sight. We all walk online. If you see something that may look like a child’s body, you do not go on it, you report it and we will arrange at our level. Let’s go! “

VIDEO. Disappearance of Marcus: big mobilization for battered forest

The starting signal is given. The progress is sometimes difficult. Volunteers meet regularly face a wall of brambles that must cross. Tree trunks on the ground, the branches are too many obstacles. Despite the incessant rain, no man’s heart. “Everyone lines up, we take our differences,” says one participant who affects the set after a stop on a forest road. Next, Marie-Claude did not give up. “I’m a mom, I have two grown children. I know the anxiety that can provide the missing child. I’m here to participate in this research and I hope it will lead to something happy. I wish we find him alive, in good health. “A little further, Lorelei came Valmondois. “We can not remain indifferent. I live 2 km from Butry. This could be my daughter. “Two young people took the road to Beaumont. “I enlisted my brother says one of them. It would be nice to do it for me. “Ten firefighters barracks Courdimanche, off, also answered present.

But Marcus was not found. Research was arrested around 19 hours. “A device will be maintained during the night, evening the police said. From tomorrow morning we will switch to the inquest. ” An investigation for disturbing disappearance. “Patrols will be maintained but investigators will focus on the analysis of hearings and testimony, which will require a lot of time. “Dozens have in particular been collected, pat phone or physically, last night

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