Saturday, April 25, 2015

Murder Aurelie Chatelain: indicted, Sid Ahmed Ghlam … – La Voix du Nord

The 24-year-old Algerian himself had caused his arrest Sunday after being injured in circumstances that remain unclear. A special magistrate placed him in the night in custody.

He had previously been indicted by anti-terrorist judges to “murder and assassination attempts” to “criminal conspiracy to commit the crimes of reach for people,” and various other crimes, all in relation to a terrorist enterprise, said a source close to the case.

he “vigorously contested all the charges against him,” said one of his lawyers, Matthew de Vallois, reporters outside the Paris hospital Hotel-Dieu, where the suspect was placed five days in custody because of his injuries. According to Jean-Gilles Portejoie, another of his advice, the instruction “could surprise us.”

Sid Ahmed Ghlam is suspected of having wanted to attack at least one church in Villejuif and killing the Caudrésienne Aurelie Chatelain, a 32 year old woman whose body was found Sunday morning in his car in this county south of Paris.

This is incidentally he was arrested that same morning and that his alleged plan of attack was thwarted, less than four months after the jihadist attacks in Paris.

Sid Ahmed Ghlam originally called the ambulance because of a gunshot wound to the thigh and the ball joint. Alerted, the police quickly discovered an important arsenal in his car and at home. Various intersections have linked the suspect to the Aurelie Chatelain murder .

“This type of individual is not alone”

Since then, investigators are trying to determine the supports seems to have benefited the suspect, known services since spring 2014 to have radicalized. The Paris prosecutor’s office released a woman around him aged 25, arrested on Wednesday in Saint-Dizier (Haute-Marne), where lived Sid Ahmed Ghlam.

On Wednesday, the prosecutor François Molins was that after having delivered explanations “fanciful” the suspect had locked himself in silence.

Faced with investigators, “Mr. Ghlam had little to say but it is expressed on certain points and he will speak about others when it will be heard by the judge probably in the month of June, “recounted Friday Me Christian Benoit, his third lawyer.

The investigation services suspect that this planned attack was “remote Remote” with “or mysterious” men likely established in Syria and that he “clearly ordered” hit churches. “This type of individual does not act alone,” said his side the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, who spoke of “an order (…) to target a church.”

investigators evoke the “sectarian behavior” of young Algerian former student apparently without history of a computer school living in a student residence thirteenth arrondissement of Paris. “It seemed literally under the control” of his mysterious sponsors, are the sources. They told him where and how to obtain the arsenal – Kalashnikovs, gun, bullet-proof vests. – Discovered by police

A stolen car where was the paraphernalia was found Wednesday in Aulnay sous-Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis) and passed from scrutinized. These are his alleged sponsors who told him where to find the key of the vehicle told police sources.

The interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, called prefects to strengthen the “vigilance” near on Saturday the churches. A white march is scheduled on the same day in Villejuif tribute to Aurelie Chatelain, another Sunday Caudry (Nord) where she lived and where his funeral will be held Wednesday.

Solidarity Élan

The funeral service will be held Aurelie Chatelain Wednesday, April 29 at 14: 30 pm in the St. Maxellende basilica Caudry. A white walk will take place in Villejuif, this Saturday and Toulon Rugby Club will pay the family benefits of the broadcast of the final of the European Cup on 2 May.


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