Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Regional Ile-de-France: Hollande would support the candidacy of … – Les Echos

Francois Hollande would put its full weight to bear to persuade President of the National Assembly to run for regional elections in the capital region, says RTL Wednesday. The individual would pose its conditions.

A Bartolone candidacy for upcoming regional elections in Ile-de-France? This, it seems, the dearest wish of President François Hollande. According to RTL, the two men would quietly met Tuesday night at the Elysee to discuss the issue.

Why? First, François Hollande does not want the richest and most populated region in France (12 million inhabitants, 30% of GDP) switch to the right to a year of presidential elections. According to a recent survey, it is Valérie Pécresse, the UMP candidate in the capital region tops of the vote in the first round (25%) before the current president of the region, the Socialist Jean-Paul Huchon (21%).

Then the outgoing team PS is undermined by rivalries. Jean-Paul Huchon, elected and re-elected since 1998, is running for a fourth term and repeats that he is the only one able to keep the area to the left. But his vice president, Marie-Pierre La Gontrie feels best placed. According to her, the Statute of the PS even prevent Huchon to run for another term.

Federate left

Hence the idea of ​​this Bartolone application. A plausible option and supposedly unifying left. “ Claude Bartolone is one of the few personalities today left at almost physically embody the gathering with the Greens, Communists, with all the left” , has told RTL Seine MP -Saint-Denis, Mathieu Hanotin

What says the person? According to RTL, he hesitates and would have set two conditions. The first: to remain President of the National Assembly during the campaign. The second: to be assured of the support of the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, also elected the Paris

His response is expected within two weeks at most.. The socialist candidates have until May 7 to make themselves known.


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