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DIRECT. A collision between a truck and a train makes three injured … – FranceTV info

A passenger train collided Tuesday, 21 April a truck up to a level crossing in Nangis (Seine-et-Marne). The death toll given by the prefecture to 12, reported three serious injuries and 8 light.

FranceTV info reported on what is known about the accident.

Three seriously injured . According to the prefecture, there are three seriously injured and eight light of the 350 who were traveling aboard the Belfort-Paris. No prognosis is engaged.

A road accident causing the drama. According to the SNCF, it’s “a traffic accident that resulted in the railway accident” . A car crashed into a special convoy of farm machinery up to a crossing, train collided in a second time by Intercity at 8:46. Four cars derailed, but lie on the way.

Traffic cut between Paris and Provins . After the accident, traffic was interrupted between the stations of Paris-Est and Provins. According to the prefecture, traffic could be blocked for at least twenty-four hours. The Secretary of State for Transport, Alain Vidal evokes “at least three days of work” .

Here our entire live #NANGIS

1:54 p.m. : After the accident between a truck and Intercity train Nangis (Seine-et-Marne), SNCF has set up seven shuttle buses between Longueville, Verneuil and Tournan-en-Brie for traffic RER E.

This afternoon, 14 buses will be available to users for liaison between Longueville and Verneuil l’Etang (line P).

The connection between Longueville- Provins, Longueville-Troyes and Paris Is Verneuil l’Etang will be carried by rail.

1:21 p.m. : Seine-et-Marne prefecture delivers a new assessment after the accident between a truck and an Intercity train Nangis:

• Three seriously injured, but their prognosis is engaged.

• Eight minor injuries have been evacuated to hospitals in the area.

• Twenty people have been supported by the emergency unit.

1:02 p.m. : Back on crash between a truck and Intercity Train this morning in Seine-et-Marne. France 3 Paris Ile-de-France selected images published by users.

24:41 : It
” shocked “. A passenger on the train that collided with a truck in Nangis (Saine-et-Marne) shows the microphone of France 3.

24:33 : The Secretary of State for Transport Alain Vidal calls for an investigation by the Office of surveys on land transport accidents after the accident between a truck and Intercity Train this morning in Seine-et-Marne.

12:01 : The Secretary of State for Transport, Alain Vidal, arrived at the scene of the train crash Seine-et-Marne. It gives a new and more precise assessment: the collision was 37 wounded, including three seriously. The restoration of traffic on the line could take up to three days.

11:35 : Seine-et-Marne prefecture gives a new assessment of railway accident Nangis: “There are about thirty emergency, that is to say minor injuries primarily related to braking of the train and two people injured more seriously, the train driver and a traveler. ” These two people were taken to hospital but their prognosis is not engaged.


11:12 : Consequence of the railway accident Nangis (Seine-et-Marne), traffic is for the time, stopped on the Paris-Provins. “Traffic should be discontinued at least 24 hours” , says the chief of the Seine-et-Marne prefect to France Bleu.

10:33 : SNCF gives more information about the place of the accident at Nangis (Seine-et-Marne). “A special convoy of agricultural machinery was stuck on the level crossing at the entrance to the town, says the company francetv . info The convoy had a collision with a car and a train collided with the convoy “

10:30 : The mayor of Nangis (Seine-et-Marne) gives a new accident report train that took place on its common. According to the municipality, 30 people were shocked or injured, two of whom were transported by helicopter, without their prognosis is engaged.

10:05 ” The traffic is stopped in both directions between Gretz Armainvilliers and Provins says a statement from the train after the collision of a train and a truck in Nangis (Seine-et-Marne). An alternative road is being prepared on this course, for all of the day . “

9:43 : Collision #Nangis this morning at a crossing between Intercités # 1646 #Belfort – Paris and trucks. No serious injuries.

9:49 : SNCF confirmed the accident on his Twitter account, but advance a less heavy toll: according to the company, there would be no serious injuries

9:41 The collision between a train and truck in Nangis (Seine-et-Marne) left seven injured, one seriously, announces AFP.

9:37 : When the driver told us he was at the microphone really bad ..

9:36 : Well my Train comes to detail big accident .. I hope no one got hurt ..

9:42 : On Twitter, a user says being a passenger train crashed Nangis (Seine-et-Marne ). He published pictures of the accident.

9:32 : The accident between a train and a truck took place at a level crossing in Nangis (Seine-et-Marne), says France Info. There would be casualties.

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