Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Thirty injured in a collision between a truck and a … – The Obs

Nangis (France) (AFP) – 8:46, a sudden braking and then the shock: up to a level crossing in Nangis (Seine-et-Marne), an Intercity train has crashed into a truck Tuesday morning, making thirty wounded and causing disruption of traffic between Paris and Belfort.

At the entrance to the station of this small town in Seine-et-Marne, about fifty kilometers to the east of Paris, the shock between Belfort-Paris train carrying 350 passengers and a special convoy of trucks carrying agricultural machinery derailed several carriages but the train was not lying on the tracks.

At noon, the record was three injured “serious”, seven injured “light” and twenty people “shocked” supported by the psychological unit on site, told AFP a spokesman for the prefecture .

Of the three people injured shows a person who “stood on the platform of the station and had a fall during a stampede,” the source said. She was airlifted in “serious” condition deemed in a Paris hospital but his prognosis is not engaged.

The other two, “the train driver and the truck,” were transported Provins by ambulance to the hospital, near the scene of the accident.

Supported by the train, passengers were transported in the morning by bus to their destination, said the railway company.

Traffic was cut between Paris-Est and Belfort in both directions. Tracks and station platforms being “badly damaged”, traffic could remain suspended “at least a week” in the area, according to the mayor of the town, Michel Billout (CPF).

a tweet, Prime Minister Manuel Valls sent in the morning “(his) Casualty Support (sa) recognition to help”

-. 5,000 vehicles per day –

Secretary of State for Transport Alain Vidal, who visited the site with the SNCF president Guillaume Pepy, welcomed “responsiveness” and “professionalism” of rescue, firefighters and police mobilized fifty, soon arrived on the scene.

Describing the victims “traumatized” Mr. Vidal spoke with travelers who have the “memory of a shock of extreme violence,” most “projected to inside the wagon. “

It instructed the Investigation Bureau land transport accidents (BEATT)” to conduct an investigation to establish the causes of this accident. “

At midday, the train and the truck were still on site and an investigator flying a drone over the scene of the accident, was a journalist from AFP.

On either side of the crossing, we could see the truck cab and trailer, dissociated in shock. The gate of the crossing was down, stuck on the truck cab.

The circumstances of the accident are not yet known, but according to SNCF, the train would have hit the back of the truck locked channels. “Two or four axles (train) are then out of the tracks,” she said.

“The convoy turned green but remained a prisoner,” said Mr. Billout, adding that this crossing was “not particularly accident-prone.” According to Secretary of State, crossing, used by 5,000 vehicles a day, had no “particular difficulty” and was “in good service.”

“The first findings on the transition to automatic warning level with four-quadrant gates indicate normal operation, “said the SNCF in a press release.

Didier Le Reste, former head of the CGT-Railwaymen and Vice President of Convergence Rail, collective user committees, elected officials and trade unionists, every accident at a level crossing “the question of the human” because “when there was a manual management, there was less accidents “he said.

This type of accidents” always dramatic “are” of road accidents, “he told AFP on the sidelines of a press conference.


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