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Berenyss, kidnapped and “filed” 8h later: what has happened? – The Obs

Berenyss, 7, who disappeared Thursday, April 23 in a small village of Meurthe-et-Moselle, was found unharmed in the Ardennes after eight hours. The “abduction alert” was triggered and a major research device deployed

First item of the investigation. “We had much to do with a removal “. This is confirmed by the prosecutor of Briey Yves Le Clair during a night press conference in Sancy, the small village of 350 inhabitants where the girl was gone.

What is it past? “L’Observateur” makes the point.

# The disappearance of Berenyss Sancy

Berenyss disappeared around 15h Sancy. She was cycling on a village square nearby, about a hundred meters from the family home when she escaped the attention of his mother, told AFP a spokesman for the police.

The mother started looking for him but has found that cycling of the girl in a street a little further, before notifying the police, according to his story.

“There was a very short time between when the mother has lost sight of the child and where the bicycle was found” in an alley at a few hundred meters from the family home, prosecutor says .

“A white van driven by a man in his forties was seen at the scene,” had said the police based on the testimony of the mother, who had soon found the bike abandoned his daughter in a neighboring street.

The driver of a white Kangoo was actively sought “because it is minimum one witness” in the case, had said Yves Le clear.

This is the time that the authorities have triggered the “Warning removal

# The search for Berenyss

The plan “Subscribe to nlèvement” is a massive and immediate warning system deployed to assist in the search of a presumed abducted child. Adopted in 2006 in France, he was largely inspired plan “Amber Alert”, created in Texas in 1996 after the removal and the murder of a girl.

It is designed to quickly issue an alert via fifty distribution channels: radio, television, websites, station signs and highways, urban billboards, SNCF and RATP networks. The goal is to mobilize the population in the search for an abducted child and his kidnapper.

The girl was sought in a wide area around the village and the alert was also sent to Belgium , Luxembourg and Germany, whose borders are close.

Research is mounted power throughout the day, involving up to a hundred soldiers, including 30 mobile police .

A helicopter and two dog teams also participated in the research.

The little girl was immediately recorded in the file of wanted persons, notably used in all airports.

The child, with long brown hair wearing “a white ruffled skirt and top multicolored” at the time of his disappearance, said at the time the police. “If you locate the child, do nothing yourself, call 0800 36 32 68″.

Many vehicles were checked in the death zone, without success.

A policeman involved in this research is dead, the victim of a motorcycle accident on his way to the scene, announced Thursday the Ministry of the Interior.

Residents had also proposed conduct beaten, but the authorities had asked them to return home to allow a helicopter to fly over the area with a thermal camera.

“There is a popular solidarity movement that is heartwarming” in the village, had stressed to reporters the mayor, Daniel Matergia.

# Berenyss is “filed” Grandpre

The girl was found at Grandpre in the French Ardennes explains Pascal Niggemann, company commander of Briey.

It was filed to 23h front of a house from the small rural village of 450 inhabitants located two hours by car from the place of removal , about 80 kilometers east of Reims. She knocked on the door, and the resident, doctor by profession, opened it.

“Following the diffusion of the alert removal the doctor immediately understood what it was, “the prosecutor, saying that it was” perhaps “the deployment of gendarmerie device that led the author of removal to release his victim.

” The device Alert removal has been lifted, but research continues to challenge author, “he added.

The prosecutor told the girl he had” not been a victim of violence or physical or sexual. “

Berenyss was able to speak with his parents on the phone, and they were able to recover at night.

The child is the second a family of three to one big brother 14 years old and a little brother 5 years. His family is presented as “no problem” by the prosecutor. The father works in the industry in neighboring Luxembourg, and his wife works at the town hall, where she handles animations, especially with the village children.

Paul Laubacher with agencies


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