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Marielle de Sarnez, candidate for all?

De Sarnez unavoidable in Ile-de-France

The Vice-President of the Modem will be the leader François Bayrou’s party in the regional elections in the Paris -France alongside Yann Wehrling. This last Saturday was the guest Policy on France 3 Ile-de-France, this afternoon.

He justified the presence of Marielle de Sarnez, when it is already European MP and councilor of Paris. “ Marielle de Sarnez represents the center in Ile-de-France . It is absolutely necessary that it is involved in regional elections and I’m very happy “said he. “It is an important personality. We’ll do a buddy. I embodies a green sensibility, she the center. This is something very complementary. It will be good ” poursuit- it.

Marielle de Sarnez will be a candidate in the regional elections. Not necessarily an eligible site. Because it already has two mandates. But is not she gives cumularde image rather unwelcome to the modem, which advocates a renewal of political practices? “ When you do politics, you get involved it is necessary. You can not flutter as (sic). Marielle is someone who is very much aware of these regional elections “answers Yann Wehrling. ..

In these regional elections, we all have our MEPs involved It is a message in the speech of ours, there are two commitments: Europe and regions strong. All this goes together and it is also the logic that has prevailed in the appointment of our leaders “, he concluded, giving the reading grid investiture of the modem to the regional.

With what alliances?

Marielle de Sarnez is also maneuvering to negotiate alliances. The modem talks about leaders and not list heads. A shade that is important. It is unlikely that this autonomous lists. An alliance with the UDI, which in Ile-de-France wishes to be autonomous of the UMP? It would be natural, but it looks to corner. “ It’s not that it gets stuck is that it is one thing at a time ” answers in language mode Yann Wehrling wood.

We tried to plane but it was difficult. “ I order I imagine, and this is the natural order of political life, it is first, we say we are going. Then we say that the proposed . Finally, we look at the strategies , “he explains in good carpenter speaker.

Modem he wants rather a global alliance in the first round with IDU and UMP? As he had done successfully for municipal Paris. No direct answer but you have to read between the lines to understand that it is rather the desired option. “ This is a way to answer your question. We, we are for the widest possible rally. On the winning strategy will choose to wear our ideas. It was discussed in the summer ” concedes adviser Paris. “ We want a shift change in the Ile-de-France ,” he pressed. In tones very pécressiens. This is the meaning of a tweet from another Parisian elected MoDem

Hidalgo prefer stick to the carrot

Yann Wehrling is also an advisor of Paris, elected in the XVth district. How does he judge the first year in office of Anne Hidalgo?

Anne Hidalgo great news and the results are not there “Does the judge. It takes as an example the anti-pollution measures. “ You can not ban everything without accompanying measures. Anne Hidalgo acted without caution. She put the stick before the carrot. It can create tensions and therefore flashbacks ,” adds -t he when he was questioned about the manifestation of the coach yesterday in the streets of Paris.

There are about ten days, Yann Wehrling stated that the councilors of Paris were overpaid for the work they do. Does he feeds and populism against the political class? “ No, we must say things with honesty and sincerity. But I’m not made me as friends by saying that ,” he concludes.

For information, the allowance regional councilor in Ile-de-France is significantly lower than that of adviser to Paris which includes a double indemnity: councilor and county councilor. This does not stop the fight to be as harsh to be eligible up on the lists. Even if it will be a common list UDI-Modem-UMP. So answer to the summer.

The issue to be reviewed below


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