Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Project bombing: “Find a good church with the world” – Le Point

The examinations ordered by the investigators on the hardware Sid Ahmed Ghlam are terrifying. They reveal, according’s information that the alleged terrorist was taking orders directly from jihadists probably living in Syria.

This Sunday, April 19 at 8 am 50, an individual uses the Samu. He said he was shot after a flight with weapons he had been the victim outside his home in the thirteenth arrondissement of Paris. Help arrives on site and find injuries to the thigh and the left patella. As part of the open flagrancy investigation, investigators discovered the Renault Megane belonging to the wounded young man. The police approached and noticed within the presence of flashing lights, traces of blood on the driver seat and the presence of a bag. “In light of these findings and the suspicious behavior of the individual, who refused to open and search of his car, the police decided to be searched,” he told Wednesday the prosecutor of Paris, François Molins.

A real war arsenal

Inside, a loaded Kalashnikov assault rifle, three magazines filled with ammunition, pistol 6mm stocked, a sphinx 9mm pistol, a bulletproof vest and tactical, three mobile phones, a laptop, a USB key, a GPS, and handwritten documents with elements of potential targets (two churches in Villejuif) and modus operandi to commit terrorist attacks. The perfect terrorist tool box!

The Anti-terrorism section of the Paris prosecutor is immediately seized. And discovered with embarrassment the identity of the man, passed the suspect victim row: Ghlam Sid Ahmed, an Algerian, 24, experienced intelligence. The young man is indeed the subject in recent months about a “state security” ISB. Arrived in France in 2001 as part of a family reunification, Sid Ahmed Ghlam had then fluctuated between France and Algeria, until it passes his baccalaureate in Algeria in 2010. The suspected terrorist was then followed electronic studies in France, alternating between the family home of Saint Dizier and Paris. Part of the family of Sid Ahmed Ghlam was gradually radicalized. Disturbing fact: according to the investigation, the alleged terrorist has a time lived as a student city of Reims, the same one where Kouachi Said, one of the authors of the attacks in January, had taken up residence. Is it possible that contacts in radical circles will be made on this occasion?

Assassin alleged Aurelie Chatelain

On Sunday, the alleged terrorist was taken to hospital and placed in custody, along they raided his home. Again, terrible discovery: three Kalashnikov assault rifles, body armor and tactical police armbands, yellow police jumpers, vests, camcorder and camera 2000 euros in cash, cameras and phone chips, computer … And finally, abundant jihadist literature.

Soon, a comparison is made with the murder Sunday in Villejuif, Aurelie Chatelain, 32, with a bullet in the shoulder. The bush found in the Mégane – yet decidedly Renault! – Aurélie corresponds to 9mm revolver sphinx of the suspect. The DNA of the alleged killer will be found at the crime scene, and blood belonging to Aurélie will be identified on his coat. Geolocation and GPS data will corroborate all the damning elements already delivered by the investigation.

Orders terrifying

More frightening still, the investigations will show that Sid had indeed intended to carry out attacks on French soil . The individual had done research on the churches located in Villejuif. Aurélie was also killed two kilometers from one of them. On a piece of paper, Sid also noted the addresses of three stations: Clamart, Vitry and Cachan. Emails extracts hardware have shown that the alleged terrorist was in contact with several persons in Syria, which at least asked “explicitly target a church,” according to the Paris prosecutor Francois Molins. According information, these messages had intensified in recent days, in an ever more explicit form. “Find a good church with the world,” he ordered his sponsors. In another message, they mark their impatience: “Move yourself Here is a chore.”.

During his appearances, Sid Ahmed Ghlam made fanciful statements, explaining that he had many weapons, it scared him and that he had decided to s’ dispose into the Seine. He said he had injured in mishandling by shooting himself with a bullet in the leg. An explanation that does not convince the authorities, although it remains to be determined how the causes of his injury. The alleged terrorist is likely to remain in custody – exceptional measure – for six full days. It should be indicted, including for murder in connection with a terrorist enterprise.

Where are the weapons?

Investigators are now looking for possible accomplices. They want to know where the weapons came from. According to our information, it is the sponsors who told Sid Ahmed Ghlam where cache was. In this case, the trunk of a Megane, parked in Aulnay-sous-Bois. The location data used by investigators confirmed that the alleged terrorist visited this city on April 13, 2015. Probably to retrieve the arsenal.

The criminal record of Sid Ahmed Ghlam is blank. Facts of assault had been raised in August 2013, but the victim was eventually withdrew the complaint. According to intelligence, the alleged terrorist had visited Turkey in February 2015. In hearing, he confessed to having already stayed in 2014. The smart phone would not, however, left Turkey, and one therefore now no evidence that he crossed the Syrian border. The police hope to learn more with the phone of the suspect environment. The already known and already Sid using a single telephone line with his girlfriend, Jennifer. Investigators suspect Sid Ahmed Ghlam of planning its withdrawal from the young woman he had implemented his murderous plan. Currently being heard by the police, Jennifer, very radicalized and uncooperative, invectiverait plenty investigators.


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