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Xavier Bertrand therefore would not have gone to New York – DailyNord

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Read, saw, heard By DailyNord | 11:56 | 25 April 2015


In the campaign period, we use all the arguments to knock out potential rivals. Xavier Bertrand, claiming the regional crown, is not far behind. He reacted on RTL Displacement Marine Le Pen in New York: “ She thought away from home. It’s been weeks we no longer see, one day it’s yes, one day it’s not. Let’s be serious (…). The trip to New York, it shows his true personality. She was happy! She was happy! If he is invited to the Oscars, I’m sure it will go, it will run (.. .) His dream is to become a celebrity. It is far from the people at home, in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Picardy “. Certainly. Two remarks however:

– Named among the hundred most influential people in the world by Time Magazine, Xavier Bertrand had therefore not made the trip. Of course, it is believed the word

-. It must be clearly curious whether MLP will stick to it. Because if it withdraws, the battle for the new region no longer quite the same flavor for Xavier Bertrand. He can no longer say, if they win, and in anticipation of future national rounds: “ I beat Le Pen

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