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Attack “avoided” documents related to al-Qaeda from the suspect – Europe1

Europe 1

Policemen at work in the area of ​​Vert-Bois, Saint Dizier, where lived the computer science student, suspected of planning attacks targeting churches. © AFP
Europe 1

After the fortuitous arrest Sunday morning and placing in custody of an Algerian, 24, says the survey is around this young man suspected of plotting “the imminent commission of an attack, presumably against one or two churches,” in the words of the Minister of the Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve.

On Wednesday morning, the French authorities have announced to have “avoided” an attack “imminent” in arresting, in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, Sid Ahmed Ghlam, also suspected of being involved in the murder of the young mother, Aurelie Chatelain, found dead shot dead in his car on fire in Villejuif. The investigation, led by the anti-terrorist section of the Paris prosecutor, was entrusted to the Crime Squad of the Paris PJ and the general direction of Homeland Security (ISB).

A terrorist plot Unmanned from Syria? The analysis of the seized computer equipment revealed that the suspect was in contact with a person “may be in Syria,” and with whom he had discussed the “commission arrangements an attack, “said Wednesday the Paris prosecutor Francois Molins, at a press conference. This man would be in Syria asked him “explicitly target a particular church,” said the magistrate. The young man had also been reported a few months ago as having ambitions to go do jihad in Syria.

The assault rifles, 2,000 euros in cash, Arab papers Al-Qaida and the AR. In addition, searches conducted at the home of the student in electronics have uncovered addition of armaments, “documents in Arabic referring to the Al Qaeda terrorist organizations and Islamic state,” added François Molins . During these excavations Sunday, the men of the Criminal Division of the Paris PJ particular found several handguns and several Kalashnikov ammunition and bulletproof vests.

On the other hand, list of goals was also seized. “A documentation provided [...] discovered establishing unambiguously that the individual was planning the imminent commission of an attack, presumably against one or two churches,” said Minister of the Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve Wednesday morning . Investigators were also found a police list with what amounts to an estimate of the time that the police would put to intervene every time.

His companion put in custody at Saint-Dizier. Other searches took place on Monday, this time in Saint-Dizier, in the Haute-Marne, in the sensitive area of ​​the Vert-Bois. The man came regularly spend the weekend with family. Wednesday morning, police brigade Research and Intervention (BIS) have cordoned off the area, open the garage door of a small house with explosives and gunfire, and arrested a woman dressed a burqa. It was placed in custody around six in the morning. This 25 year old woman, apparently converted to Islam – according to a source close to the investigation – would be the girlfriend of the suspect. According to neighbors, she rented the pavilion, the ever-shuttered for six to seven months with two young children.

The “fanciful statements”. During his detention view, Sid Ahmed Ghlam made “fanciful statements” before “shut himself up in a complete silence, invoking his right to silence,” detailed the prosecutor. The alleged terrorist has described being injured himself wanting to get rid of its weapons into the Seine.

The alleged murderer Aurelie Chatelain . During their investigation, investigators also made a disturbing discovery: the DNA of the student arrested was found in the car Aurelie Chatelain. This fitness trainer, 32, arrived Saturday in the city of Caudry in northern Paris suburbs to attend a vocational training course Pilates, was shot dead Sunday morning and his body found in his car on fire, Villejuif. A link has been established between the murder weapon and Sid Ahmed Ghlam has is it learned from sources close to the matter. It is in this city of Val-de-Marne, a southern suburb of Paris, one or two churches were targeted by the young man, according to a police source.

The custody of the suspect could be increased to six days a derogatory term expected especially in case of risk of imminent terrorist action.


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