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Foiled attack: that is Ghlam Sid Ahmed, a student suspected of … – The Obs

A student “computer enthusiast” active on social networks, where he showed his attraction for the land of jihad: Sid Ahmed Ghlam was discreet to its vicinity to Sunday, April 19 arrest by the police, who suspected of planning an attack against churches and be linked to the murder of a young woman.

# A student discreet

This stock Algerian , 24, who is studying computer science, lived in room 310, now sealed, d an ultra-modern student hostel in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, a few steps from where he was arrested Sunday morning, injured his leg.

Sid Ahmed Ghlam shared his teens between France and Algeria. He arrived in 2001 in Saint-Dizier, where, with his mother, he joined his father. In 2003, undocumented, it has to start in Algeria, but after graduating, he returned to France at the age of 19 years to make electronic studies at Reims and Paris.

This is the first time we hear of him since he took the apartment, there have been no reports, he paid his rent normally within 200 euros per month ” describes a spokesman Crous, Constance Blanchard.

It evokes a “not obvious situation,” for the 70 students and staff of this yellow and gray to orange balconies student residence Julie-Victoire Daubié street in a renovated district.

“I’m a little shocked to learn it like that,” said one of his neighbors, Leo Heart 18 year old student in philosophy at Paris 1, which observed Sunday policing. “I’m worried,” “I am afraid that something happens in a Paris university,” he sighs.


In room 310, in addition to an arsenal of weapons and documents proving that he had planned, according to the government, an attack “imminent” against “one or two churches,” the investigators found evidence indicating a careful preparation. It seems to have timed how long would the police to intervene, according to preliminary results of the investigation. A preparation which contrasts with the conditions of his arrest, which seem to show a rather amateurish.

# Fiché by information

Sid Ahmed Ghlam expressed on Facebook, “as tens or hundreds of others, his desire to leave Syria” in order to wage jihad, says a police source.

It was also known to the intelligence services and was the subject of a “plug S” of the Directorate General of Internal Security (RPS), which involves covert surveillance on behalf the State Security. Several members of his entourage also seem to have switched to radical Islam. But the “environmental audit” of the student performed in 2014 and 2015 revealed no evidence to justify a criminal investigation, the government provides.

Now this young single without children was “in contact with another person that may be in Syria,” and asked him to “specifically target a church,” the Paris prosecutor Francois Molins.

His criminal record does state of “no condemnation”, he said. His name appeared in a single procedure for voluntary violence incidents in August 2013, no further action due to the withdrawal of a complaint by the victim.

After “fanciful statements” during his custody, it is “locked in a complete silence,” said the prosecutor


A planned attack foiled in Paris. what is knows

# A companion who lived in Saint-Dizier

In Saint-Dizier (Haute-Marne) where the family lives, police operations took place in the suburban part of the Vert-Bois, a neat wooded area, with houses a floor glued to each other.

On Wednesday morning, police officers of the Brigade of Research and Intervention (BIS) arrested his girlfriend, dressed in a burqa and probably converted to Islam, according to sources close to the investigation. She lived for six or seven months in a rented bungalow in the neighborhood with two young children, still closed shutters. Sid Ahmed Ghlam went there the weekend.

The woman of 25 is “extremely discreet, not making history,” we only saw “only when it was going to get her children to school,” said a neighbor. It was the only woman to wear the burqa in the neighborhood, it is added in the neighborhood.

“She has no boyfriend” and “was converted there about two years to Islam”, she practices “thoroughly and do not talk about terrorism,” said Angelica, sister of the young woman arrested. At this stage, its precise relationship to the suspect is not clear.


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