Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A special lane for taxis to Roissy: fines attenderont – TF1

Towards Roissy, instead to buses and taxis. From Wednesday, the left lane on the A1 motorway between Paris and Charles de Gaulle airport will be reserved for buses and taxis. That motorists can rest assured, the ban covers a small section (the Courneuve Saint-Denis ) and specific hours (between 6.30 am and 10 am on days week excluding holidays).

The purpose of this measure is to streamline the Traffic between Paris and the airport. According to preliminary experiments, the vehicles benefiting from the reserved lane will win between 5 and 8 minutes for this trip.

This new regulation is signified by light panels which indicate both the area and the time of day. In case of accident or exceptional closure of one or more channels, the device can be lifted immediately.

An educational period of one or two months

The Office of the Secretary of State for Transport Alain Vidal made Know Parisien after an educational period “a month or two” offenders will face a fine of 135 euros. Monitoring of compliance with these new rules will be using a system similar to that of speed cameras.

public transport are not the only ones to benefit from this development, ambulances, firefighters and police vehicles will, too, use the left lane. Eventually, “we have the will to bring carpooling in the device. It reflects the legal definition and can control solutions,” said the Parisian firm of Alain Vidal, Secretary of State for Transport.


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