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Defence: an extension of EUR 4 billion for the army –



The intervention in Mali and in the Sahel-Saharan strip as part of the operation barkhane is very abrasive for equipment, including helicopters. Because of the dust, among other wear is eight to ten times faster than elsewhere which generates additional costs. / Photo DDM, PC

                             The intervention in Mali and in the Sahel-Saharan strip as part of the operation barkhane is very abrasive for hardware, including helicopters. Because of the dust, among others, wear is eight to ten times faster than elsewhere which generates additional costs. / Photo DDM, PC


Francois Hollande ruled yesterday: Defence benefit from an exceptional effort of the nation’s budget. Nearly four billion extension and preservation of 18,500 jobs have been announced to address the many theaters of operations where the military is involved.

The president decided yesterday to sanctify the budget of National Defence. on the occasion of a Defence Council which brought together the main political and military leaders under the chairmanship of François Hollande was decided an extension of 3.8 billion for the Department of Defense from 2016 to 2019. The budget Defense amounting to 31.4 billion euros in 2015 will therefore benefit from “a significant effort and even a considerable effort” confirmed the army chief yesterday morning. This increase in the defense budget will focus spending on personnel and equipment the French army needs to adapt to the new challenges posed by the terrorist threat. François Hollande made particular reference to the need to devote more resources to cyber defense, aeronautics and intelligence while Brussels is closely monitoring any fiscal slippage

And the government wants to go fast. The updating of the 2014-2019 military planning law will be a bill submitted to the government on 20 May, before consideration and a vote in Parliament. One of the immediate effects of that breath of oxygen for armies engaged on many theaters of operations (Sahel, Iraq, Central African Republic, Lebanon) will limit the downsizing that had to undergo personal. Thus, 18,500 positions will be preserved on the 34,000 threatened with suppression, made clear the Elysee. The Ministry of Defence has indeed spread the tank ground forces can be deployed on the ground of 66,000 soldiers to 77,000 today because the numbers are turned particularly since strengthening Vigipirate in January. “Today there is to trim permissions and even retraining phases before moving operations” notes are we at the Department of Defense. Outside, 9,000 men are currently mobilized in the Sahel, Central Africa and the Gulf. Since the attacks in January, 10,000 soldiers protect sensitive sites in France for an estimated cost of one million euros a day.

This budget arbitration Hollande has ended the feud between the Ministries of Defence and Finance on a budget hole of € 2.2 billion in the defense budget for 2015. The latter was counting on windfall revenues of 2.2 billion euros related to the sale of radio frequencies TNT to private operators but has lagged far behind. This option is deprecated suggested the head of state. “In 2015, the credits of the Ministry of Defence of 31.4 billion euros and it will sanctuarized budget appropriations without any use of external resources.” The president also ruled out the use of “project companies” legal instruments that have purchased military equipment (transport aircraft Airbus A400M …) and then lease them to the army. This solution, proposed by the Defence, was strongly opposed by the Finance




Midi-Pyrenees, Aquitaine but Limousin and Poitou-Charentes from Bordeaux … Commissioned by General Serge Soulet, the Defense area and …




Is it inevitable to sanctify the defense budget? It was indeed inevitable for the head of the state to arbitrate in that account …




Determined by the President of the Republic and entered into force on 12 January following the terrorist attacks against Charlie Hebdo, …




In 2008, Nicolas Sarkozy had planned the elimination of 54,000 positions in the armed 2009-2015. Under its mandate, 24450 …




In 2014, the provision recorded for external operations (OPEX) in the initial finance law was 450 million euros. In the end …



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