Friday, April 24, 2015

The AKI for all becomes a political party (but not present … – FranceTV info

The association is transformed into a political party. The AKI for all movement opposed to marriage between persons of the same sex, officially became a political party. This “technical decision” was published on Friday 24 April to Official Journal. “We should have done a long time” , reacted the president of the movement, the Ludovine Rochère.

We are a association law 1901, but with the quality of political party. This is a formal technical compliance with our activism that is moving for some time, to an action in the policy area ” , told francetv info Alberic Dumont, vice president of AKI for all.

“If we had, we should mention all the subjects “

This changes nothing in that we are a non-partisan movement. No us have no intention to submit candidates, “ he insists. “We, our subject is the family and we want to defend the general public and elected officials. If we had, we would have to talk about all topics news” and it is not the goal, said the vice president.

Alberic Dumont, this trend “is in season 2 of AKI for all, started in 2014 for the repeal of the marriage law for all” . Vice President hopes in particular that the movement is heavier for the 2017 presidential and before that in the primaries of the various parties. Result of this decision, donors of AKI all will benefit from a tax deduction.

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