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“The Republicans” Juppe reserved Sarkozy determined – Europe1

Europe 1

Europe 1

Change the UMP name for “Republicans”, Nicolas Sarkozy y holds. In meeting Wednesday in Nice, the former head of state defended his choice, and tackling the PS. “The left, they are first socialist, then Republicans. We, we are first Republicans, then Gaullists, liberals, centrists, radicals,” insisted Nicolas Sarkozy. Before irony: “the word ‘republic’, I saw that I did not like going to the left It may be necessary that they get used.”

The reserves Juppé. A form of response to Alain Juppé, several hundred kilometers away. Traveling in Strasbourg on Wednesday, the main rival Nicolas Sarkozy for the primary from the right has expressed reservations about the name chosen by the former head of state. “We do not intend to monopolize the word Republican,” he felt at the micro Europe 1. “It will not be easy to say I belong to the Republicans It’s a concept. encompassing little, there a lot of Republicans across France. “

But Alain Juppe is not in direct opposition. “There will be a debate. I do not make a dispute with regard to me,” he adds. The mayor of Bordeaux preferred to leave his troops step up. His key lieutenants and denounced several days the term chosen by Nicolas Sarkozy.

“Have the courage to call right.” No packaged either, the activists met in Nice by Europe 1 on the sidelines of Nicolas Sarkozy’s meeting. Call the UMP “Republicans”, “I do not see the utility. For 40 years, it has changed its name all the time, nothing changed”, asserts Roland. Especially for him this new name does not characterize quite right, “we are all right and we must have the courage to call right”

“The Republicans, is vague. . I do not support this new name, “added Florian, which relays the argument of Alain Juppe:”. it may distort the common good The Republic, it belongs to all French What does that mean It means.? there would Republicans on one side, non-Republicans of the other “

The activists are still an advantage because of name change: start on a new basis in the hope to forget the internal divisions. But even on its future name, the UMP fails to agree

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