Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Nicolas Sarkozy sounded a general mobilization against the FN to … – Le Figaro

THE SCAN POLICY – The president of the UMP went to Nice with Christian Estrosi to support its launch in the campaign for regional elections next December of face, especially in Marion Maréchal-Le Pen.

What is going to play here, it’s a battle of national dimension ,” commented Nicolas Sarkozy on a martial tone, in the gallery of the Naïka space in Nice on Wednesday evening. This is a president of the opposition that may have been very offensive discover the 2,500 activists and supporters who came Alpes-Maritimes, like him, support the campaign into Christian Estrosi. Indeed, the former Minister of Industry intends to block the granddaughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen in regional elections next December, and former president assured to many times for its support. This shift is also an opportunity to discuss the beginnings of the congress which is due on 30 May. Already in Nice, on the lips hounds future name should adopt the UMP: Republicans

Sarkozy at the bedside of Estrosi

“I expect that come as often. it takes, to prevent this tragedy would happen to see the National Front at the head of one of our regions (…) It is a major political issue, “solemnly assured Nicolas Sarkozy on Wednesday morning to the Board Alpes Maritimes département. “And do not think you are alone in this fight. I fully intend to make it my hand. ” And to join the action to the word, the president of the UMP has spared no efforts. “ I’m not back in politics to see this show with the girl in the north, the granddaughter in the south ” commented on iTV Nicolas Sarkozy, a few minutes before entering stage for its public meeting.

“I weigh a voice, you weigh in hundreds,” said the former head of state to the audience. “Every voice given to the National Front, it’s a given voice to the Socialist Party.” To conduct the electoral battle, the president of the UMP knows it will count on all his troops, and he is attached to galvanize his supporters. “PACA, worldwide, that means Mediterranean civilization. It is the place of refinement, culture! (…) And if so many of you tonight, it’s because you love France, you are worried but you also have hope! “He greeted. Before pleading, “I want to speak to each of you individually. We need you to change! “.

“Socialists before Republicans”

The opportunity for Nicolas Sarkozy an allusion to the Congress approaching and some differences between it and its competitor for primary 2016: Alain Juppé. “ Without the union, nothing will be possible. In my political family I have no opponent. The French expect us unity! No competition is only legitimate when it is at the expense of the collective! Our duty is to think together in France! “Said he argued. “I would love to restore trust between the political and You! The key word that I want to establish is trust. ” A “master password” that precisely echoed the campaign slogan of Alain Juppé, unveiled hours rather in Strasbourg. “Juppe trust”

If there is no enemy within Nicolas Sarkozy has not forgotten its traditional enemy outside: the Socialist Party. “ I saw that ‘Republicans’ did not like the Socialists. Well, that’s one more reason! “he began, mocking, about the future name of the UMP. “ The Socialists are socialists before being Republicans! (…) We are Republicans before Gaullists, centrists, liberals! “he said. “The Republic is equality. This is not egalitarianism “, further lambasted the former president. “We do not want communalism because we are the French Republic, one and indivisible! (…) There is something that is bigger than us and called France. Our ambition must be for France! “, Launched in conclusion the leader of the opposition. Before giving appointment in the room for the next scheduled conference on May 30 and must approve changes of name and status of the party.


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