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Sarkozy and “hunting” to “Black”, the hearing aid of Chirac … The … –


The brother of Roselyne Bachelot, here in Paris on 27 January 2013, will be a candidate for European FN list.

with Benjamin Hue

It is well known, Roselyne Bachelot has no language in his pocket. A fortiori since its indentation politics. His outspokenness now been delighting viewers D8 , where since 2012 she gives his views on the current issues, frankly. In his autobiography The little girl of the V , published Wednesday by Flammarion , which was elected MP five times before skimming departments under Presidents Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy recounts his journey in the gold of the Republic and distills several anecdotes about the leaders of the state, Chirac and Sarkozy in the lead. Anthology.

When Sarkozy called for “a Black” by his side

FranceTV Info recounts a surprising episode about the current president of the UMP, with which relations have greatly distended from their collaboration at the state summit. In September 2006, during the presidential campaign, Nicolas Sarkozy returned “thrilled” with a trip to the United States. “While we were discussing some in his office in the UMP, he was excited, “she says.

“The friends I met Barack Obama, the mayor of Chicago. This type is the next president of the United States,” he prophesied before his incredulous audience. “You know nothing. I have also discussed with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, a formidable woman. Well, you put yourself on the hunt. I need a Black. Or better, a Black” , he loose. “From the very spit Sarko: fulminant intuition, the ability to mobilize and complete lack of superego,” said his former Minister of Health, Sports and Social Cohesion

The hearing aid of Chirac-gate

Twelve years after the fact, Roselyne Bachelot also reviews the business of” sonotone of Chirac. ” While rumors are multiplying on the supposed Jacques Chirac of hearing problems, 19 November 2003, invited to RTL , Minister of Jacques Chirac Ecology unveils an open secret the microphone of Jean-Michel apathy: “I think yes,” she nods. “All the press was buzzing with the rumor: the President, who was becoming hard to the ear, was paired” , she says today. “What a deal. Between grotesque denials and half-confession, the Elysee has reached the top of the ridiculous. I did not realize at the time, I was putting undermined a carefully scaffolded strategy by the President’s entourage to to allow a third term, “she confesses.

Chirac and Sarkozy,” lost both “

Ouest-France also tells the balance sheet it draws from his years with Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy. “Jacques Chirac was president of my heart, and Nicolas Sarkozy, President of my reason” , she assures. But she believes “have lost them both, one to the disease, the other for his ideas.”

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