Saturday, April 25, 2015

Attacks foiled. The drift of Brestoise, ex-girlfriend Ghlam – Ouest-France

His family is particularly affected by the events. “Was she manipulated? In any case, in our presence, he was a perfectly normal. She even said she was willing to remove her veil to find work. “

Morgane (*) 25 years old. This original Brestoise, mother of two, is located near Saint Dizier, in the Haute-Marne. Wednesday she was arrested and spent nearly two days in custody before being released. She was the girlfriend a few weeks ago, Sid Ahmed Ghlam, who had planned the attack Catholic churches in the Paris region.

Converted to 22 years

A family member admits to being dropped from the clouds when he heard the news Wednesday night. “At the beginning of her relationship, she told me to be with someone very good, very calm” . The slip of the young woman to radical Islam does however not new.

This is where it all begins in Brest. Raised in a Catholic family, she completed her education in colleges and high schools in the city. She also holds a BEP in catering, obtained in Vannes, and a short experience in Quimper. In Brest, she suddenly converted to Islam, on the advice of a friend. Advanced family with the wrong crowd in a time of weakness. It is 22 years old. It’s “lost”. She quickly radicalized and comes to wear the niqab. She then married a Brestois in the district of Pontanézen. The man has been convicted several times.

Under influence?

Last year, she separates, change of life and went to live in Saint-Dizier “personal reasons”. She then enters into a romantic relationship with another man, whose brother was arrested in 2014 in Belgium, while in possession of a real military arsenal.

Sid Ahmed Ghlam becomes his companion later. According to our information, then it is a sentimental nature of bonding, self-centered on him. Is it then subjected to the full influence of his companion? Still, it is radicalized even further, lives cloistered in a residential area and becomes undesirable to the mosque. It is also verbalized repeatedly for wearing the niqab.

Nevertheless, it continues to make to and from the Haute-Marne and Brittany. Part of his family in Brittany, another in Morbihan. Last February, in a large area of ​​Gouesnou, near Brest, it comes fully veiled. Which does not fail to create a new incident and intervention of the gendarmerie.

A new stage in a chaotic way. “She had to come see us in a few months” laments his family.

(*) Name borrowing.


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