The House of Montz & # XE9; City (Meuse), in which the abductor pr & # XE9; sum & # XE9; of Berenyss a & # XE9; t & # XE9; interpell & # XE9 ;, Tuesday, April 28th.
Home Montzéville (Meuse), in which the alleged abductor of Berenyss was arrested Tuesday, April 28. – AFP / STR

Charlotte Murat

The DNA finally spoke. Samples from clothing and underwear Berenyss, the girl kidnapped and released Thursday, April 23 in the village of Sancy (Meurthe-et-Moselle), allowed to trace a farmer of the Meuse. The man was arrested at his home on Tuesday at dawn, and was placed in custody. The GIGN occurred because the man had weapons with a history of violence, but his arrest “was very well spent,” said the prosecutor Briey (Meurthe-et-Moselle), Yves Le Clair.

This father was born in 1967, lived alone, separated from his wife in the village of Montzéville near Verdun. A search was conducted at his home as Is Republican is in the Turn Ass Street, where investigators found a white van similar to that sought. According to the Gendarmerie General Jean-Régis Véchambre he had told the child that he was a merchant of candy.

Already suspected of sexual assault

Sentenced to four times in 2000 for violations of hunting, degradation and violence, this man approaching fifty had suffered a sample of DNA “in the course of a very recent complaint under investigation for acts of aggression sex on family members, “said Yves Le Clair. The girls involved in the case – “the same age as Berenyss” said Yves Le Clair – are two of his nieces and other children around him

Berenyss <. / span> was not attached during his confinement, said the prosecutor. But “if the victim has not suffered violence in the common sense, the behavior of the respondent when he retained can receive this qualification of sexual assault, that is to say acts contrary to the modesty of the victim directly involving her body, “said the magistrate.

” It is in complete denial “

In custody since his arrest on sight, the abductor and suspected abuser does not seem inclined to provide assistance to investigators. “It is in complete denial,” said Yves Clair. A criminal investigation was opened against kidnapping, false imprisonment with parole for the seventh day and on minor sexual assault. Man faces up to 10 years in prison and 150,000 euro fine.