Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Taxi fares: the president of the INA expewwed – FranceTV info

Agnès Saal is no longer president of Ina. Tuesday, April 28, she resigned under pressure from the Minister of Culture, Fleur Pellerin. Involved nearly 41 000 taxi rating in ten months, much of it for personal trips and even 6,700 euros races in taxis ordered and carried out by his son. It is in an anonymous letter that was denounced.

Françoise Lamontagne, Steward CGT Ina, “ that is completely contradictory to the whole speech she held since she arrived. A speech focused on the importance of public service, the concept of free, transparency …

Ina is the memory the French Audiovisual, a public company of 950 employees. Agnès Saal had taken the lead there is a little less than a year after a tour in major French cultural institutions such as the National Library of France or the Centre Pompidou.

For Ina, she had replaced a Mathieu Gallet, party at Radio France, which then broke a record strike. This time, the government did not want the situation gets stuck and quickly pushed out.

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