Thursday, April 23, 2015

For Sarkozy, if you do not like the new name of the UMP, is that … – Liberation

A small dot on the news at midday:

Terrorism. What consequences drawn from the “foiled attack” which we learned about yesterday? According to Manuel Valls, it’s simple: you have to pass the law Intelligence of his government, which “ would have more resources to intelligence services to carry out a number of monitoring


Boston. At the trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the alleged mastermind of the Boston attacks, the revelation of a video in which he addresses the finger to the camera in his cell could influence the jury.

Eruption. In Chile, Calbuco volcano awoke, sending clouds of ash up to 12,000 meters. A slideshow to see here.

France Télévisions. Noting “ sharing vote between two candidates after two votes “, the CSA will interview the finalists this afternoon, indique- he said in a statement, without specifying who the lucky ones. According BFM Business and The Correspondence Press , it is Delphine Ernotte (Orange), topped with 4 votes out of 8, and Pascal Josephe (ex-France Télévisions), which received 3 votes.

Bernard Borrel. According to the European Court of Human Rights, France violated the freedom of expression of the lawyer of the judge’s widow Borrel, who died in Djibouti in 1995, condemning him for defaming a judge that he had questioned the impartiality. The Court found that the lawyer Olivier Morice expressed value judgments based on “ a sufficient factual basis .”


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