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Fight against terrorism: the French shun the government – Europe1

Europe 1

Europe 1

Less than one in two French trusted the Government and the President of the Republic fight against the terrorist threat, according to a BVA poll for Orange and iTV published Saturday. A large majority plebiscite action the police for protection.

The French have more confidence in the government. If nine out of ten French consider the threat of terrorism as “high”, only 39% of respondents report being “somewhat” or “all completely “trust Hollande to fight against terrorism, and 47% say they trust the government. “The current situation is far from arousing a national unity behind President reflex” BVA note. Indeed, while 70% of those on the left rely on this ground François Hollande (75% for the government), only 12% of those on the right share this view (25% for the government).


The forces of order acclaimed Beyond partisan divisions, respondents plébiscitent however those in the field of the fight against jihadist threat: 88% have confidence in the army 87% in the police and the gendarmerie and 83% in the intelligence services.

How to better fight? In response to the growing number of candidates for jihad and threats of after those attacks killed 17 people in Paris in January, the fight against terrorism is considered “priority” by 80% of respondents, like education (72%), internal security (70%), employment youth (66%) and monitoring of social networks (55%). The situation in the suburbs is however considered a priority for one in two French (49%, down 11 points since January) as well as the issue of integration (47%) and the fight against racism (35%)

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