Friday, April 24, 2015

UMP: “Republicans” dear to Sarkozy, will they survive … – The Express

The question is settled: the name “Republicans” to replace the UMP preferred by Nicolas Sarkozy. On May 5, he will present it to the party’s political bureau before activists assembled in congress, the validate 30. This plan does run smoothly yet?

In addition to criticism from the left, some opponents within the UMP are heard, particularly Juppé team. The mayor of Bordeaux held that the concept of “Republican” was “a little encompassing”: “. There are a lot of Republicans across France We do not intend to monopolize the word.” His supporters have relayed the message. “By naming us ‘Republicans’, it is as if we vidions the Republic of sense. I think it’s dangerous,” added Philippe Edouard in an interview with release .

The supporters are not more excited. According to a survey Odoxa for I-TV, preferring to 57%, the old name “UMP”. And two thirds of the French say they prefer Acronym Republicans (66% against 32%).

The icing on the cake, a lawyer known for his remarkable feats, Christophe Léguevaques, denounced the “shameless privatization”, he said, the title “Republicans” and last week announced a judicial procedure against an appropriation “of a common heritage.”

Sarkozy divider or unifier?

In this context, how to place the Politburo of May 5? Nicolas Sarkozy will it take the course if the critics are too violent? Since he was elected president of the UMP in December, the former head of state did everything to smooth angles. “It’s great fun to watch, smiled a member of the Politburo. It ensures not rush anyone. Once we spent twenty minutes to choose the date of the conference only that everyone feels heard. We have so he said he was authoritarian is at the opposite extreme. It’s the balance. ”

An intermediate solution could come back to settle activists at the conference between the two proposals. This track was raised by a member of management in early March. It seems to have cooled since.

“The Socialists are first socialist”

In public, Nicolas Sarkozy does not give the impression of wanting to flee the fighting. Quite the contrary. By meeting in Nice, he denied the socialist nature of “Republicans”: “The left, they are first socialist and then we Republicans, we are first Republicans and Gaullists, liberals, centrists, radicals.. .. “

The president of the UMP can count on the support of his bodyguards (Wauquiez, Hortefeux) but also on Raffarin. Thursday on the antenna of RTL , Senator of the Vienna jumped feet first into the controversy launched by sarkozystes “The Socialists are clinging to an ideology The name they bear is one. ideological name and they have a great republican commitment – I do not dispute – they have an ideological presence. ”




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