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Central African Republic: Justice investigation of sexual abuse by … – The Obs

The report was supposed to remain confidential. But because he felt that the UN did not commit the resources it needed to act, Anders Kompas decided to transfer to the French authorities. For doing this, he was suspended, reveals the “Guardian” Wednesday, April 29th.

What is in this report if confidential? The details of the sexual exploitation of children by French troops in CAR as part of their mission to maintain peace, minusca.

When contacted by the “Obs”, the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff of the armed did not respond to our requests for information.

A preliminary investigation was opened in July 2014 on charges of rape of minors committed by French troops deployed in CAR, told the “Obs” the Ministry of Justice.

The investigation was opened in July 2014 after transmission to the Paris prosecutor by the Ministry of Defence of a United Nations working paper, said the Paris prosecutor to “Obs”. “No military hearing has taken place, or in police custody. The investigation is underway,” said the Paris prosecutor.

Sexual acts against food or money

Entitled “Sexual violence against children by international armed forces,” the report is stamped “Confidential” on every page, writes the “Guardian”. It details “rape and sodomy” suffered by “young boys hungry and homeless” by keeping troops of the French peace “that were supposed to protect them,” in a refugee center in Bangui, capital of the Central African Republic.

According to the British newspaper, said he consulted the report, cases of sexual abuse allegedly committed between December 2013 and June 2014.

Interviews with abused children were carried out between May and June 2014 by a member of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and UNICEF specialist. According to the “Guardian”, the identified and interviewed children are only a glimpse of the potential number of victims.

The children, mostly boys, describe in their discussions of the circumstances that sexual abuse they have suffered, in exchange for food and money. The “Guardian” cites the example of a 11 year old boy who says he was abused when he went in search of food.

Another nine year old described the sexual assault that he suffered with his friend by two French soldiers in the refugee camp in Bangui M’Poko airport when they were presented at a checkpoint to find food. The advanced report in the “Guardian”, the distress of the child during testimony. The boy, terrified, have fled the camp after the attack.

To “ a major diplomatic row”?

The report was commissioned by the Office of the High Commissioner of the UN for Human Rights, following rumors of abuse in the M’Poko camp.

Anders Kompass is director of field operations at UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, based in Geneva. He is accused of fuiter a confidential document and have shorted the hierarchy.

According to the “Guardian”, the case of Anders Kompass, who is a Swedish national, threat “of triggering a major diplomatic row. “

The Swedish ambassador to the United Nations have warned officials of the UN. According to him, this would not be a good thing “that the High Commissioner for Human Rights strength” Anders Kompass resign. According to the “Guardian”, the ambassador has even threatened to bring to light the case.

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