Friday, April 24, 2015

Berenyss. The girl did not know her captor – Ouest-France





Berenyss did not know his

“She did not know her attacker” , said he was at a press briefing in court Briey, adding that investigators were trying to establish with the girl 7 years a human-robot portrait was removed. “But I’m not sure to get a reliable and to sketch through to children’s descriptions” .

No suspect

The judge also said that investigators had no suspects at this time. Yves Le Clair did not exclude that the kidnapper has crossed the border. It remains in effect despite Found 200 policemen mobilized.


The predator has used a bag of candy to attract the girl and make it into his vehicle has said the prosecutor. Berenyss suffered no sexual assault. “The child is fine” , provides the prosecutor.

The DNA she speak?

All means are used to identify the abductor Berenyss. Analyses are being performed on the seals on the clothes of the girl on her bicycle found abandoned shortly after his death in his village of Sancy, as well as a bag of sweets also found nearby.

These analyzes will be cross-checked with the sex offender files, and other cross-checks are performed including the data recorded by mobile beacons located near Sancy and Grandpré, in the Ardennes, where she was found Thursday night, the prosecutor added.

The tracks in the Ardennes

abductor Research was deported in the Ardennes. 200 policemen mobilized in this hunt. Several helicopter and a cinophile brigade were also mobilized in searches. Moreover, the prosecutor insisted that the police motorcyclist died during the research had been the victim of a sad but banal traffic accident, “but had NOT been hit by the abductor as this has been written “.





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