Saturday, April 25, 2015

Foiled attacks in Paris: Sid Ahmed Ghlam indicted for … – France Soir

The events take a bad turn for Sid Ahmed Ghlam. Suspected of wanting to carry out an attack against several churches and have killed Aurelie Chatelain, an Algerian of 24 years has been indicted Friday 24, for “murder and assassination attempts” to “conspiracy to committing crimes of reach to people “, all” in connection with a terrorist enterprise “. A magistrate was also placed in the night from Friday to Saturday in custody.

In response to these accusations, the young man, known services since spring 2014 to have radicalized a “vigorously contest any charges against him,” said one of his lawyers, Matthew de Vallois. During his detention, the student computer is not confessed about the death of Aurelie Chatelain, found dead Sunday 19, in his car in Villejuif (Val-de-Marne) in the southern suburbs Paris. However, it was recognized that Sid Ahmed Ghlam have repeatedly exchanged over the Internet with a Syrian correspondent who allegedly incited to commit such attacks and, in particular, to target churches.

For investigators who are trying to determine the supports could have benefited the young man, it is clear that he did not act alone. A woman near Sid Ahmed Ghlam and aged 25, was also placed in custody Wednesday suspected of having provided logistical support to the project supposed terrorist. She has since been released.

On the day of the tragedy, Sid Ahmed Ghlam originally called the ambulance because of a gunshot wound to the thigh and the kneecap. Alerted, the police quickly discovered an important arsenal in his car and at home. Many elements were then allowed to link the suspect to the murder of Aurelie Chatelain.

To pay tribute to the young mom died and in support of the Catholic Church, a white march is organized on Saturday in Villejuif .


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