Sunday, April 26, 2015

Eric Ciotti: Christiane Taubira policy “threatens the Republic” –

Eric Ciotti is not the first to oppose Policy Christiane Taubira in criminal management, and is unlikely to be the last to adopt such a posture. In this Saturday, the UMP des Alpes-Maritimes thus appeared particularly ascended to the action of the current Minister of Justice.

An output possibly following the recent publication of figures attesting to decline year on year, the number of inmates in French prisons. The Lab Europe 1 reports, in fact, a decline of 3%, with 66,761 inmates observed April 1, 2015 against 68,859 the previous year in the same period.

Christiane Taubira Éric Ciotti not convinced by a number of detainees down

And since it seems too obvious to only see the positive side of these figures, Eric Ciotti said this morning on the Twitter network “by his drop goal in the number of prisoners despite the increase in violence #Taubira led a policy that threatens the Republic” . And the member to be joined by other members of the opposition.

The UMP together in opposition

The MP from abroad French Thierry Mariani for example, stated on the same platform, while linking an article from BBC its about: “Search error: the number of prisoners and crime increases down … ah good, no error !! Thank you Mrs Taubira “. Same story with the UMP Sébastien Huyghe. The national party secretary Georges Fenech part stated via a press release that “facing the criminal justice disarmament, protection of our citizens will no longer be validly provided by our police and gendarmerie forces, already facing the threat of terrorism and the increase in crime in burglary and violence. It is urgent to radically change penal policy and end the permissive ideology that divide social peace. “

  Photos: Eric Ciotti in the 1st district of Nice in 2012


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