Monday, April 27, 2015

Attack déjouté Villejuif: three people in custody – Liberation

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Three people were arrested this weekend Sunday in custody in the investigation into the attack against at least avoided a church in Villejuif, for possible complicity with Sid Ahmed Ghlam.

A 27 year old man was arrested Sunday morning at his home in a small dilapidated pink building in a popular district of Saint-Ouen (Seine-Saint-Denis), located a few hundred meters from the Paris ring road and Clignancourt flea, according to a police source. Investigators trying to determine the particular possible involvement the man whose DNA was identified on a hairbrush discovery in Paris home of Sid Ahmed Ghlam, a source close to the matter. At this stage, “we do not know if it is complicit” , told the source.

Another man his side was arrested in Paris on Saturday and was still in custody Sunday after his DNA was also found at the home of Ghlam and found a stolen car in Aulnay-sous-Bois, according to the source close to the case. It was in this car that Sid Ahmed Ghlam have recovered all or part of its arsenal. A third person may have made him a potential logistical support, was also arrested Sunday, the source said without elaborating.

A young woman from the entourage of Ghlam, arrested Wednesday in St. Dizier (Haute-Marne), where he lived, had also been two days in custody before being released.

fortuitously arrested Sunday, April 12, the 24-year-old Algerian he has been charged and remanded in custody Friday night. It is notably suspected of plotting attacks against at least a church and killing last Sunday in Villejuif (Val-de-Marne) Aurelie Chatelain, a 32 year old woman whose body was found in his car, that he may have tried to rob him.

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