Friday, April 24, 2015

“The Republicans’ lukewarm welcome to right: Nicolas Sarkozy … –

  • Right, Nicolas Sarkozy’s competitors have an interest in criticizing the new name of the UMP to sabotage the candidacy of Nicolas Sarkozy in the primaries.
  • A choice made in haste and without consultation represents an ideological repositioning who not only speaks more to the right, but let alone new centrist allies.
  • Stranded, the right-wing electorate has no reason to be reassured by the words of former President, whose only argument that the opposition to the left, which he does not know the concept of republic.
  • Wanting out the old recipes, Nicolas Sarkozy seems down inspiration and prey to a bogus address already held by the left that will eventually serve the in the race for the presidential election of 2017


Atlantico: The choice of “Republicans” by Nicolas Sarkozy as the new name for the UMP is far from unanimous. In an interview with Liberation, UMP deputy mayor of Le Havre Philip Edward says: “At the UMP, we are Republicans, no doubt, but I do not consider us to be.” The Republicans “It seems to me that. a large number of elected officials and other parties are just as voters. ” This is essentially what also accused the left. Among the criticisms addressed to it, is it the strongest argument? If one has a monopoly of the Republic, may we therefore consider that no one can lay claim

Christelle Bertrand : The choice of the new name is clearly the first round of the primary campaign and the intervention of Edouard Philippe is probably not without a second thought. By renaming the UMP, Nicolas Sarkozy intends to make its tool for the campaigns of 2016 and 2017, Alain Juppe and his family so trying already to challenge her legitimacy criticizing the chosen name. There is nothing unusual in the context of the battle ahead. On the merits, certainly all the republican parties can claim the Republic, the Rally for the Republic (RPR) Jacques Chirac had done without anyone find fault.

But since January 7, it seems that the Republic has become a common cause that no one can appropriate without being attacked. Not to mention that some of the UMP is also concerned parallel could be done with the US Republican Party and some “tea partisation” of the French right.

Bruno Le Maire meanwhile considers that the name is not faithful to the values ​​of the right, adding that the idea of ​​”nation” was much more important. She has won the marketing reflection on the political sense? By choosing this name, Nicolas Sarkozy does not risk blurring the identity of the UMP?

There has, through the choice of the new name, a strange ideological movement. Indeed, Nicolas Sarkozy said on 7 April, at an executive committee of the UMP “when I was president I would not have had to talk about national identity, but say that the wanted to defend the values ​​of the Republic. “ The former president, choosing the name” Republicans “clearly distanced himself from his former advisor Patrick Buisson initiator of the debate on national identity, even confuse a part of its electorate attached to this notion, even offending the more centrist who see an Americanization of the French right. The problem is that the choice of this name was not well explained. Nicolas Sarkozy did little forbidden, has not really explained what he put behind

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