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Manuel Valls: “The Eastern Christians are being eradicated” –


Manuel Valls, March 19, 2015

with Digital writing RTL, with AFP

Manuel Valls pulls the alarm the fate of Eastern Christians and calls for the international community.

“France is always on the side of the victims” “victims today are also the Christians of the East, he said on Friday 24 April during a ceremony commemorating the centenary of the Armenian genocide in Paris.

“The business of extermination conducted by Daech”

“Again, we have to name things, the truth: Eastern Christians – this is also true of other minorities – are in the process be eradicated in the region through this scary terror “, denounced the Prime Minister.

” Their fate was mentioned to the UN Security Council for the first Once there a few weeks ago, at the initiative of France. We must put an end to the extermination conducted by Daech, “he insisted.

In front of the statue of Father Komitas (1869-1935), Armenian Orthodox priest and cantor, the head of government recalled, in the presence of the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo PS , there has just a century “Armenians were decimated, victims of mass murder.” “And the primary responsibility, the first moral obligation is to look at crime in the face and call him by his name: the crime, it was a genocide,” he said


“Prevent Genocide”

“Do not forget the genocide, it is also to do everything to avoid them, for that there is still time, “directed Manuel Valls . He called for” be especially vigilant the fate of Syrian Armenians “.” Once again, Armenians are persecuted because they are Armenians. Close your eyes would be guilty, “he said.

” Here in Paris, we hear and accelerate the movement for recognition of the genocide by asking criminalization of its denial, “said Anne Hidalgo.

Hydrated Eiffel Tower

The first magistrate in Paris decided that Eiffel Tower was extinguished at 21:30 and throughout the night , “an unprecedented historic step” for the victims of the Armenian Genocide.

Nearly 10,000 people participated these ceremonies, organizers and the city of Paris.

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