Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Factory: a motion between courtiers and slingers – BBC

THE SCAN POLICY – Karine Berger Tuesday launched the campaign of his motion for the Congress of Poitiers. ‘La Fabrique “intends to be the face of slingers and especially against Jean-Christophe Cambadélis who gathered around him the government.

The socialist MP of Hautes-Alpes Karine Berger Tuesday launched the campaign of his motion “The Factory” for the Congress of Poitiers. One goal: re PS, through the proposals of activists left the great laboratory of ideas for 2017. She repeated, “La Fabrique” means lie beyond the first two motions, that of Jean-Christophe Cambadélis which won both the support of members of the government and Martine Aubry, and the Christian Paul, “Left to win!”, where are found slingers and left wing of the party. Dominique Bertinotti, Minister of Family and Support in Ayrault Karine Berger, the “game agreed to the preparation of the Congress, forcing a choice between a majority and a minority motion motion accentuates the despair of militants.”

If “The Factory” seeks to gain height between a management left and idealistic left is mostly to the current leader of the Socialist Party and head the criticism of the motion. In introducing this Tuesday, Karine Berger was pleased to have chosen as the framework for his lecture bar-gallery of the fourteenth district, the warehouse, away from the scene “classic” Solferino chosen by the other motions. Later, when it comes to Cambadélis refusal to debate with Christian Paul, she denounces the attitude of the first secretary, “You do not start renew the PS by looping the double-locked.” Karine Berger hopes for its a debate with other motions will take place in Paris. Dominique Bertinotti shares his analysis and advanced the “self-segregation” of a motion led by “a first secretary who would bend the congress.”

Nicolas Brien fourth signatory of the motion, is part of the new socialist generation that seeks to highlight Karine Berger to save the party of desertion activists and propose a presidential program in 2017. Elected in 2012 in the Allier, he became the youngest member at age 23 Alternate France. He also claims a position “between slingers and courtiers.” He denounces his way multiple party and protests of the left wing, “While Cambadélis peeling onions, rebellious cry,” he says

According to a close Yann Galut. MP Cher also support “The Factory,” the motion of “Camba” does not proceed from a genuine renewal process, but benefit from political calculation, “They have brought together political figures who hate each other, but each hopes to get a job at the end of the congress, “says this close to the Le Figaro . For its part, Karine Berger is pleased to have got many signatures that were originally going to the first two motions, “and especially that of Cambadélis.”


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