Thursday, April 30, 2015

Defence budget: Holland “warlord” rather than “the father … – Boursorama

Between Bercy and the Grande Muette, Francois Hollande ruled in favor of the Army with an increased budget that allows it to maintain the appearance of a “warlord”.

By taking position for his Defence Minister, François Hollande “starts the countdown to the two years before the presidential election in 2017,” said Cécile Cornudet Echos. She describes “entirely facing re-election” and that’s why he chooses posture “of warlord, updated version of Father of the Nation in the days of terrorism, rather than father rigor. “

The Republic of the Pyrenees, Jean-Marcel Bouguereau chimed with the headline” Hollande still warlord “and also noted that it is” a posture he is particularly fond. “

“It is the sun of Austerlitz for the stubborn Breton Le Drian,” quips Herve Favre in La Voix du Nord stressing that the president is the “head of the army.”

Jean-Claude SOULERY (La Dépêche du Midi), found that “Francois Hollande has taken a liking to the royal prerogatives of his office” and to be “at certain times in history, the father of the nation.”

“In the current context, the President of the Republic chose to preserve at best, according to our finances, our ability to defense and security,” appreciates Jean Levallois (La Presse de la Manche).

Furthermore, some of which Bertrand Meinnel Courrier Picard felt that “The decisive battle will be primarily in Brussels”. Adding that France is “the only guarantee in Europe with a capacity of military intervention and deterrence worthy of the name on the outside” and “assumes senior military costs to its neighbors.”

“The government could require the European Commission released its budget the costs of external operations, in the name of collective security,” he said.

The Latest News from Alsace, Pascal Coquis considers that “it is until proven otherwise France, which does the job for everyone.”

“For years, France is campaigning for the financing of external military operations (OPEX) that also contribute to Europe’s security is excluded from the calculation of European deficits “warned Dominique Garraud in La Charente Libre.

Meanwhile, in L’Opinion, Nicolas Beytout regrets see” France ready to lose a little of its budgetary and financial sovereignty in the name of its military sovereignty. “

In Alsace, Raymond Couraud says it took” the shock of January for that State noticing that it is pointless guard down in an uncertain world. ”

“More frightened by the calculator of the Brussels technocrat by the explosive jihadist, Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy slashed armies,” he admitted then that “today, France leads a difficult defense policy “


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