Friday, April 24, 2015

That risk Sid Ahmed Ghlam under criminal law? – BBC

The Algerian, 24, suspected of having wanted to attack in the name of Islam at least one church was set Friday examination, including murder and attempted murder in connection with a terrorist organization.

Sid Ahmed Ghlam risk a heavy prison sentence. After five days of police custody and after being heard by a judge on Friday afternoon, the young 24-year-old Algerian was indicted, about 18 hours, for a planned attack in the name of Islam against the least one church and for the murder of Aurelie Chatelain, a 32 year old woman whose body was found in his car in Villejuif (Val-de-Marne).

According to the requisitions of the prosecution, the judge has indicted for “murder and attempted murder,” “conspiracy to commit crimes of damage to people” and various other offenses, all “in relation to a terrorist enterprise, “said a source close to the matter told AFP. This will be the judge of freedoms to decide its possible placement in custody. Risk that the suspect in criminal law? Answers.

• Life imprisonment

The 24-year-old Algerian is suspected of having wanted to attack in the name of Islam at least one church in Villejuif in Val-de-Marne and killing Aurelie Chatelain, a young 32 year old woman found dead in her burning car Sunday, April 19 in the morning. This is why the judge has indicted for “murder and attempted murder in connection with a terrorist enterprise”. For this crime, it is necessary to refer to Article 421-1 of the Penal Code, which has been modified since the Act of 13 November 2014 strengthened provisions on the fight against terrorism. The article states that “willful attacks on life” are acts of terrorism “when committed intentionally in connection with an individual or collective undertaking aimed at seriously disturbing public order by intimidation or terror. ” This crime is punishable by life imprisonment. The penalty is collateralised period of 18 years which can be extended to 22 years, by special decision of the Assize Court, as yet specify the Penal Code.

• 10 years in prison and 225,000 euro fine

Suspected of wanting to carry out an attack with one or more alleged accomplices, Sid Ahmed Ghlam was also indicted for “association conspiracy to commit crimes of reach for people in connection with a terrorist enterprise “. Defined in Article 421-2-1, the crime is punishable by ten years’ imprisonment and a 225,000 euros fine, as provided for in Article 421-5. The Algerian student also risk being hit with a travel ban.

• Renvoyable before a special court of assizes

In France, it is the heaviest sentence is executed. In fact, if the judge does not reclassify the charges, Sid Ahmed Ghlam risk to the maximum life imprisonment with a minimum term of 22 years. After the investigation, the suspect could be referred to during a special sitting, based in Paris. Devoid of the jury, it meets only professional judges, seven and nine in the first instance on appeal.


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