Thursday, April 23, 2015

Meurthe-et-Moselle. Found alive, Berenyss has been removed – Ouest-France

Berenyss the 7 year-old girl missing in Sancy, near Metz, was found in the French Ardennes saves in the evening, the police announced. The abduction alert system was triggered following the alarming disappearance of the girl.

The prosecutor of Briey Yves Le Clair, an update on the situation at a press briefing in Sancy to 00:30. “We had much to do with a kidnapping” , a-you said.

The girl was “filed” , in circumstances that the investigation will have to determine, and was “found saves in the French Ardennes” , said Pascal Niggemann, company commander of Briey.

The girl was able to speak with his parents on the phone, and they should be able to recover in the night, he added.

No signs of violence

According to the prosecutor, told the girl to have “not been a victim of violence or physical or sexual. “

It was filed at 23:00 in front of a house Grandpre, a small rural village of 450 inhabitants located two hours by car from the place of removal, about 80 kilometers east of Reims. She knocked on the door, and the resident, doctor by profession, opened it.

“Following the diffusion of abduction alert the doctor immediately understood what it was “, said the prosecutor, saying that it was ” maybe “ deployment of gendarmerie device that led the abductor to release its victim.

“The” Abduction Alert “feature has been lifted, but research continues to call the author” , he added.

Berenyss should find his parents in the night of Thursday to Friday.
Berenyss should find his parents on the night of Thursday to Friday. | Screenshot

The driver of a white actively sought Kangoo

“A white van driven by a man in his forties was seen on the premises” , had said the police based on the testimony of the mother, who had quickly found the abandoned bicycle her daughter in a nearby street.

The driver of a white Kangoo was actively sought “because it is minimally a witness” in this case, had said Mr. Clair.

Scope missing since Thursday afternoon

Berenyss was missing since Thursday afternoon. Her mother reported the incident to the police who published a description of the little girl. “It measures 1.40 m and wears glasses with black frames. She has long brown hair; She is wearing a white dress and flying a colorful top. She was cycling in Sancy on the town square in front of the family home “. The bike had been found in an alley a little further.

The girl had been sought in a wide area around the village and the alert was also sent to Belgium, Luxembourg and the Germany, whose borders are close.

The research device was increased in intensity throughout the day, involving up to a hundred soldiers, including 30 gendarmes. A helicopter and two dog teams also participated in the research.

A policeman involved in this research is dead, the victim of a motorcycle accident on his way to the scene, said Thursday the Department of inside.


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