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A day to turn the UMP into “Republicans” – Le Monde

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Activists arrive at the Founding Congress of the new right-wing party,

They will converge from all over France for attend a funeral and a birth. Approximately 20,000 activists and UMP executives are expected, Saturday, May 30, from 10 am at Paris Event Center (19 th arrondissement of Paris) to participate in the rebuilding of the main party congress of the French right. During the day, the party leaders and activists turn to the thirteen UMP page to start Republicans, a new party designed by Nicolas Sarkozy to win back the Elysee. But behind the beautiful collection of festive image, also play a ball of ego between primary contenders for the November 2016

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  • How will unfold this congress?

The UMP debt 69.3 million had to do with the means at hand. Gone are the days of high masses as at Le Bourget in 2004, when Nicolas Sarkozy was inaugurated as President of the UMP in an American show. Also ended costly splendours and pasta with truffles some meetings of the 2012 presidential election, a period when Bygmalion managed logistics and juggling the bills.

This time modesty is displayed. For this Congress, the Treasurer Daniel Fasquelle communicates a budget of 550,000 euros, away from 6 million to 8 million euros Bourget. Activists have to pay their travel, food, and they will be called upon to direct the crowd or provide security. Some will attend the convention of a tent outside, as the UMP did not have enough money to rent a larger room

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On this day, the UMP will celebrate the vote results released Friday night. After two days of electronic consultation, 83,28% of activists in favor of the new name The Republican. 96.34% of them have validated the future status of the new training and 94.77% approved the list of the political bureau. A triumph? Not quite because participation was skinny (97,440 voters or 45.74% of members to date of contribution). But Nicolas Sarkozy can enjoy.

This vote had been imposed on him by supporters of Alain Juppé to Nicolas Sarkozy, which would be fine. In polls, supporters of right seemed rather reluctant to this change of surname, but the body of the militant UMP traditionally royalist, has allowed the former head of state to complete his work.

The day will be organized in nine thematic sequences. Fifty personalities will speak. Nicolas Sarkozy wanted to stage the “descent” between the RPR, UMP and Republicans, and former glories as Bernadette Chirac, could occur between two clips on the history of the movement and of the Republic. Angela Merkel sent a video message, and personalities, such as navigator Maud Fontenoy and the former tennis player Marion Bartoli, will be involved. Nothing but classic.

  • What’s the issue of the day?

For the former President of the Republic it is the party enact transformation, one of his campaign promises of autumn 2014. But Nicolas Sarkozy is already dreaming of unit images around him. This conference will allow him to show a little more like the central character of his political family. A political asset for the future. The former head of state put on the party to unite around him hundreds of thousands of activists, a solid foundation to address the first round of the primer in November 2016.

His new training Republicans, is a machine that should allow it to regain the Elysee. “With this convention, it creates the event around it. It requires the media and his opponents to articulate their schedule according to what he has set up “, an analysis of his supporters Rue Vaugirard.

The former president of the Republic had nevertheless regained the UMP obligation. Surrounded by business, he needed to protect themselves and especially not to leave the device to an opponent like Alain Juppé. Since then he has portrayed as a savior and unifier of a family that was torn after his retirement during the confrontation between Jean-François Copé and François Fillon.

The year 2015, with elections in favor of the UMP, Mr Sarkozy allows to reinforce this image. Candidates for primary can only join the rally in order not to appear as dividers. In resigning himself to count the days until the beginning of 2016 … “This is a coronation, enthronement quips near Alain Juppé. But for us, there will not be a before and an after. The place of our calendar continues without distort the purpose. “

  • What are the speeches of monitor?

Nicolas Sarkozy will close the debates between 3 p.m. and 16 hours. Since November 7, 2014 at the Porte de Versailles, at a rally where he had made a very long speech, the former head of state should pose as herald of a republic that would be threatened by sectarian weakened by intermediate body and perverted by the so-called socialist egalitarianism instilled, for example with the college reform.

Alain Juppe is expected to speak just before Mr Sarkozy. For the mayor of Bordeaux, declared candidate for the primary, exercise is subtle. It must mark its difference without rushing sarkozystes militants. When the UMP national council on February 7, the mayor of Bordeaux had been whistled by many executives when he raised the necessary alliance with the center. “If Juppe is whistling, the fault would be on the side of Nicolas Sarkozy, who has not managed the gathering and unity of his family” , predicts Gilles Boyer, political advisor to the Mayor Bordeaux.

All other tenors will occur at the end of each thematic sequence. Bruno Le Maire, who has long pondered his speech should be the defender of debate within his own family. “Each candidate will defend its own vision and its method of government. Primary is a great appointment democratic: it will give us an opportunity to finally decide questions that we have put under the carpet for years, “ told the World the likely candidate for the primary

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