Sunday, May 24, 2015

UMP: for Hortefeux, it is the left that is trying to prevent … – TF1

The UMP he could be renamed “The Republicans”? The Court of First Instance of Paris will say Tuesday if it agrees to suspend the name change planned by the UMP, as requested by the parties, associations and individuals who challenge the new desired name by Nicolas Sarkozy . Legal remedies Brice Hortefeux Sunday accused the left of trying to prevent the UMP to rename “Republicans” by filing legal remedies. Among the plaintiffs include the National Federation of Socialist and Republican politicians.

“I will not hide my surprise at this initiative, which in my opinion is not very constitutional,” said the former minister in the show “All Policies” on France-Inter-France 3 Le Parisien. He stressed that the Constitution, in its Article 4 stipulates that “the parties are formed and exercise their activities freely.” For him, “it is essentially left parties” who filed the appeal. “When you see one of the pillars is the Federation of Socialist elected, it is the rue de Solferino! It’s still a little curious and worrying that the majority parties want to prevent the opposition to choose name “blasted this close to Nicolas Sarkozy.

“I am sure that the voters and activists of our political family have observed what is still a form of denial of democracy,” said Hortefeux, within one week of the UMP congress at which should be endorsed the name change. For him, “the Republic is a word in the genes of the right and center.” “This is General de Gaulle and the Gaullists who saved, with others, the Republic after the Liberation.” He did not comment on a possible plan B in case the court would prevent the UMP to rename “Republicans” then as posters and documents stamped Republicans have already been produced.


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