Saturday, May 30, 2015

Fillon and Juppé met with boos – Le Figaro

VIDEO – On the occasion of the founding congress of the party “The Republicans” who stood up to the Villette, both former prime ministers have faced a hostile reception, and upon arrival on the premises.

The first mission of the day was both very simple and very delicate. When launching its new collection, Nicolas Sarkozy had at heart avoid false note. Nothing must disturb the first congress of the Republicans and especially not the perspective of the primary in 2016, for which everyone prepares.

All morning, however, the tension was palpable Porte de la Villette. At their arrival, Francois Fillon and Alain Juppe were able to measure themselves that they were not unanimous among militants. Some quickly repressed jests even welcomed the entry of the mayor of Bordeaux in the great hall of the congress. But the attention of most militants then turned to the forum, at breakneck speed, the speakers succeeded. The tone was set.

In the early afternoon, François Fillon suffered the first whistles at the podium, when his name was announced. Even at the height of the war that was opposed to Jean-Francois Cope for nearly two years, never a national meeting of the UMP had experienced such an episode. The former prime minister, accusing the blow, is located behind the desk, visibly affected. He has not changed a line from his very speech written, as usual.

“It is not allowed to disappoint”

“We decided to call our” Republicans “: this choice requires us more than any other because when we take the Republic as standard it is not allowed to disappoint,” said the candidate the primary. “Some people think that we will convince the French taking all turns squeezing to the right, others driving in the middle of the road, not to mention the demagogues who say you can let go of the steering wheel and looking back, has he ridiculed then. I do not want to cut the slices in France, I take it as a block, with love, with the conviction that we must reinvent all to hope, propose and act. “

Encouraged by some bursts of applause, the former prime minister did not fail to specify what he expects from his new party. “If the Republicans were a campaign machine, an army barracks where adherents come to look for orders; if we were not the family where the fraternal debate on each floor; if we were only conflicts and invective against those who think and act differently; if we were not the interpreter of all French sensibilities while the Republic is not in us, “he assured.

A few minutes after being booed, Fillon could not be clearer. “Our Congress can not be a ripolinage the past, but must be a new start,” he further stated. And, a sign that its determination remains intact from the perspective of 2017, Fillon also stressed that “to read the polls, everyone seems capable of returning to normality Francois Hollande.” “But the central question that must be answered: What is it,” he launched before leaving the podium, this time the applause

” Some of you hiss me. Some … Çela makes me sad but it does not change my determination, because you are my family! “

A few minutes later, Alain Juppe, in turn, suffered the wrath of much of the room. The mayor of Bordeaux began his speech without waiting for calm returns. “I’ll tell you a secret, he explained. Some of you hiss me. Some … Çela makes me sad but it does not change my determination, because you are my family! “The” confidence “, hammered, is enough to restore calm. The former prime minister then explained that the alternation will be possible only on two conditions: “collect and gather around a project.” “It does not make good choices in the division,” he says. Addressing beyond the few thousand militants, “the French and the French who are listening,” he called for “a happy and ambitious nation.” The mayor of Bordeaux took the podium to develop again its happy identity project for France and “living together”. “I would suggest to French and French to the nation of the XXI century, not that of nostalgia, but of harmony.” Despite all his efforts, Alain Juppe is however really applauded when he mentions that “the one who allowed the gathering “of the day. Immediately, the room begins to chant “Nicolas, Nicolas”. At the forum, the former Prime Minister barely spoke again. “Wait, it happens,” he says before assuming “you can, my dear Nicolas, count on my support in the task is yours for the presidency of the Republicans.” The room was white-hot. Nicolas Sarkozy could move on stage.

“We are fortunate to belong to a political family that counts among its ranks a statesman like Alain Juppé. This is wealth, “says the former president as an introduction. Then he takes the time to cite Francois Fillon, Bruno Le Maire, Jean-Pierre Raffarin, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, Laurent Wauquiez, like so many “opportunities” for his party. This time, each name will be welcomed by large applause.


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