Tuesday, May 26, 2015

UMP. Green light of justice to rename the party Republicans – Ouest-France

The court hearing the application that was judging the legality of the new name of the party decided that the UMP could rebrand Republicans.

The court was seized urgently by associations and leftist parties and some 140 individuals, including five with the last name Republican, according to the complainants constitutes an “ownership of the common good” .

“We’re not going to take over the Republican term” , had hammered Jean Castelain, the party’s lawyer. Once the name change officially recorded, “The Republicans will be us, but you’ll Republicans,” he launched the complainants.

The priority question of constitutionality rejected

The UMP believed the legal action to prevent his name change violated the Constitution but the Court of First Instance rejected on Tuesday the priority issue of constitutionality (QPC) presented by the party.

The QPC disputed among other things that the procedure would breach Article 4 of the Basic Law stipulating that political parties “are formed and exercise their activities freely” .

But the magistrates of the Court of First Instance refused to transmit the QPC for consideration at the Supreme Court, arguing in particular that the party did not have “explained how these provisions would undermine its freedom of action” .


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