Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The UMP will be called “Republicans” – Le Figaro

The High Court of Paris gave no response to complaints against the use of “Republicans”.

The deliberate in hand, Daniel Fasquelle comes smiling to reporters. “The UMP can be called” the Republicans’ “says the party’s treasurer. The High Court of Paris “finds that the manifestly unlawful and imminent harm are shown on any basis,” he says by reading a short excerpt of some thirty pages transmitted to lawyers.

The application for interim measures against the use by the UMP called “Republicans” was therefore rejected. “This is the freedom that triumph, freedom for the UMP to call themselves” Republicans “,” believes the MP. He said the plaintiffs “suffered a terrible setback”: “Everybody understood that this was a political maneuver whose sole purpose was to disturb the militants a few days of the conference,” accuses Fasquelle, who believes that the party opponent is “only the nose and seek the Socialist Party.”

The disappointment is palpable among plaintiffs’ lawyers. “Of course we are disappointed, but on appeal it will be possible to prove direct personal harm suffered by institutions, individuals, the citizens we represent,” said lawyer Christophe Leguevaques, waiting s maintain with colleagues and clients before formalizing an appeal. “There will be anyway a procedure on the merits in parallel that will take several months,” said the council.

Earlier in the morning, the Council of State dismissed the question as to constitutionality the lawyers of the party had started. The QPC could have delayed the judicial process. Finally, the decision in chambers, so urgently, seemed quite suit them Tuesday afternoon.


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