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Four heroes of the Resistance are entering the Pantheon – Le Parisien

May 27, 2015, 7:09 | Updated: May 27, 2015, 7:53

It ‘ is the sound of the “Lament partisan” sung by the choir of the French army that the four coffins carried by Republican Guards arrive in the square, in precise 17.20, from the nearby Sorbonne, where they were greeted the Standby for a public vigil. In their wake, a procession of 144 relatives, durable, high school students, students …

A few moments later, Francois Hollande will deliver a long speech to celebrate these four personalities who “have carried high the values ​​of Republic “. The head of state will seek to revive the memory of these resistant to stress, according to his entourage, “which brings together the spirit of resistance, specifically, the courage and the transmission of values ​​and with words traces they have left in history. ”

Through these figures “very different in their origins, their journey, their history and their posterity” but “inseparable in what they have gone through and dedication for the nation and for the Republic”, the President and exalt republican values. However, it should refrain from any allusion to current events, four months after the attacks in Paris, added a close. This speech will be punctuated by the Marseillaise before the doors of the Pantheon will open before their coffins, which penetrate to the sound of “Song of the Partisans”.

QUESTION OF THE DAY. Do you find it useful to “panthéoniser” personalities?

symbols of brotherhood, equality, freedom and secularism

With the exception of Georges Pompidou and Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, all predecessors Francois Hollande under the Fifth Republic have used this presidential prerogative to choose and serve great republican figures under the huge dome in the heart of the Latin Quarter. February 21, 2014 announcing the final choice of “his” four “panthéonisés,” the current president emphasized that the anthropologist Germaine Tillion represented to him “equality between men and women , between cultures, between peoples “. Geneviève De Gaulle Anthonioz , founder of ATD Fourth World and niece of General de Gaulle, “is brotherhood” with “the poor, the forgotten, the marginalized, relegated them” he continued. The intellectual and journalist Pierre Brossolette , “is freedom” of the one who committed suicide without speaking after two days of torture by the Gestapo. As for Jean Zay , Minister of Education of the Popular Front assassinated in June 1944 by militias, “is secularism,” but also “the Republic, the school of the Republic” .

The Pantheon, on the pediment of which is the motto “To great men the grateful homeland”, not far hosted two women of 71 personalities, the physicist Marie Curie, Nobel Prize in Physics and chemistry, and Sophie Berthelot, which are, however, rests in his capacity as wife of the chemist Marcellin Berthelot. Two other women so join them, the President Hollande who innovated by its decision to simultaneously enter four individuals in a very symbolic parity. Fifty years earlier, December 19, 1964, another great resistance made his entrance to the Pantheon, Jean Moulin, hosted by the historic speech of André Malraux (“Enter here, Jean Moulin, with your terrible procession …”).

Two coffins are empty

Coffins Germaine Tillion and Geneviève De Gaulle Anthonioz enter voids Pantheon. Their families have in fact obtained from the Elysee that the remains of two heroines remain in their locations, that is to say at the cemetery of Saint-Maur-des-Fosses, in Val-de-Marne for the first, the cemetery of Bossey Haute-Savoie, with her husband for the second. However, the two coffins each contain a funerary urn in which is filed earth taken from their graves.

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