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Sarkozy, Juppé, 2017 … Things to Remember in charge of weekend … –

Exit the UMP . The new party led by Nicolas Sarkozy is now called, according to the wish of the former head of state, “Republicans”, a name approved by more than 83% of members, which, however, less than half have expressed during the internet voting held Thursday and Friday. Nicolas Sarkozy gathered his troops Saturday, May 30 Porte de la Villette in Paris to rebuild the party qu”il chairs, crucial step in his reconquest of power strategy in 2017.

For the occasion, Nicolas Sarkozy has made a relentless prosecutor “left”, accused of “betraying the Republic.” Concluding the founding congress of the movement he wanted to see succeed the UMP, she was born in 2002 from the will of Jacques Chirac, the former Head of State said he wanted to “rebuild the Republic of confidence” word hammered relentlessly. But it was not without first pounded those who tried to deprive him of the name.

Mediocrity Holland

He even speak of ” the terrifying mediocrity “of President Francois Hollande. “By what right and? Above all, who could refuse us the name of Republicans,” railed Nicolas Sarkozy, speaking after 3:00 p.m., after a succession of speeches in Paris frugal decor Event Center, a sheet metal rectangle the stifling atmosphere quickly.

An allusion to judicial proceedings in various quarters against a “privatization” of the republican idea. “To those who accuse us of confiscating the Republic, we respond that, if they had not betrayed her, if they had not abandoned, if they had not lowered, we would not have need today to face, “he told the president of the opposition party.

A vocabulary that is not to the liking of everyone. Former Prime Minister Alain Juppe, candidate for the primary right to the presidential election of 2017, said Sunday the Grand appointments Europe 1 / iTELE / Le Monde that he would not use the same “excessive vocabulary” that “attack people.” “ I said I was an open man on the right and not sectarian. A vocabulary is a bit up the heat, which attacks the people, it’s not my kind of beauty.”

This was again wiped hearty boos Saturday. The mayor of Bordeaux said – unusual in a political forum – that it “was her pain,” without undermining its “determination”. For the final family photo, the former Prime Minister had set back. Nicolas Sarkozy sent a fraternal look for side by side. Returning to the Sunday incident, Alain Juppe said: “I know the activists (…) The militancy has its virtues It also has its risks, the risk of sectarianism, the risk of refusal of.. other. The risk of incarceration is high risk. He still has it in some hysterical activists. “

Whistles for Fillon and Juppé

François Fillon, another candidate for the primary, also suffered whistles. Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, the number two of the former UMP, denounced the fact that Alain Juppe Sunday and François Fillon had suffered jeers founder Republican Congress, seeing it as “more than a quack” and saying that “it should not be that the Republicans “. “I hate that! (…) For me, that’s the resurgence of the old party. It should not be that the Republicans!”, She said on France 3. “The primary is the end of it. You can whistle all you want, from the time when there is a primary, it is the French who will decide,” insisted the former Minister Nicolas Sarkozy . “It’s more a quack, I is not what I like in politics. It is especially a shame,” she has said.

Some presidential stables greet their champion in the heat, as Bruno Le Maire, wreathed in its fight against the reform of college – theme that obsessed delegates – but the audience was Sarkozy devil. “The primary, that is another thing, the games are very open, it will be tight” in “this very room Sarkozy”, analyzed the juppéiste Benoist Appeared.

2017 was on everyone’s mind but the first target of Republicans is clearly the December election with no region out of range, according to leader of the Ile-de-France, Valérie Pécresse

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If none of the candidates declared or in ambush for the primary wants to risk yet to break the unit that has been working since his election Nicolas Sarkozy to chair a bruised left by business and fights, all refuse to see in this day enthronement of a candidate Sarkozy. Henri Guaino day has summarized a formula: “The Republic is the other name of France”

challenged Sarkozy for 2017

The Road. Nicolas Sarkozy to the 2017 presidential election, however, is still long. Nearly three-quarters of French (72% against 26%) do not want it in the presidential election of 2017, according to a survey released Odoxa Saturday in Le Parisien.

“This is almost exactly the same score catastrophic qu’enregistrait Francois Hollande, on the same issue “in a similar poll published last week noted Odoxa (77%). Widely rejected by supporters of the left (92%), the Sarkozy candidate is desired by 49% of those on the right (against 50%).

A structure that favors Sarkozy

UMP sympathizers are still two of the three not to reject his application (66%), but even among them, 31% do not want him as a candidate for the next presidential election.

Meanwhile, eight out of 10 French (79%) do not think that the transformation of the UMP in a new party will allow him to “experience a new beginning.” Even the right-wing sympathizers are a clear majority (60% against 40%) do not believe it.

Three-quarters (75%) of French think actually that the purpose of the name change Nicolas Sarkozy is to “establish a structure to promote itself as the current President of the UMP for 2017″. And Alain Juppé has again reminded Sunday he will not participate not to the primary of the “Republicans” if it was not open at the center, which is not “won” he said. “If it goes well, if the primary is transparent, if there is enough voters, if that is the primary right and center, I will play the full game,” Does -he assured. But “if the match is the Republican primary between Sarkozy and Le Maire, it will not work.”

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