Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Outreau new trial for Daniel Legrand: “I broke his … – TF1

The testimony of Myriam Badaoui the Assize Courts Rennes was highly anticipated. After her ex-husband Thierry Delay, she cleared her turn, on Wednesday morning, Daniel Legrand, prosecuted on charges not yet considered rape allegedly committed when he was a minor.

“This young, I know or Eve of Adam, she was removed from her childhood because of my lies … not that mine but especially mine, “Ms. Badawi said in tears from the beginning of his testimony. “This young man did not ask anyone I broke him his life, that is all I have to say.”

Arrival in court head concealed under a blanket just before 9am, she was immediately taken to the local witnesses before being taken to the bar for the resumption of the hearing. Very thinned from its appearance at the time of trial, she was wearing two hoods by entering one over the other and has agreed to drop one to testify.

The “queen Myriam” does not want to lie

“Even for the sake of my children I do not want to lie (…). I lied a lot and I apologize to my children, but I can not lie to please … “said Myriam Badawi at the helm, while two of his son, Sharif and Jonathan argue that Daniel Legrand was one of their attackers.

As of Tuesday, the one that had been dubbed the “queen Myriam” as his statements had affected the two months of hearing the first trial “ Outreau ” Saint-Omer in 2004, had indicated via the public prosecutor in Rennes, she wished neither be filmed or photographed.

Sentenced in 2004 to 15 years imprisonment for rape of her son, she was released in 2011 after serving two thirds of his sentence. Tuesday, her ex-husband Thierry Delay, sentenced to twenty imprisonment for rape of his children, Daniel Legrand exonerated of the crimes during testimony by videoconference, while two of his son civilian part, Sherif and Jonathan say Mr. Legrand was part of their attackers when he was a minor.

In 2004 and 2005, Ms. Badawi had already exonerated Daniel Legrand and his father.

Video: Myriam Badawi ensures not wanting to lie


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