Sunday, May 31, 2015

When Nicolas Sarkozy and Alain Juppé engage in a war … –

The image, again, will remain printed Alain Juppe is preparing to speak at the congress of the new party to which he belongs – Republicans – and the many activists boo. He replied, not without irony, he likes the militants, including those who are chasing their vengeance, they are “family”. Whatever, shouts and whistles echo the first passages of his speech. At the foot of the tribune, Nicolas Sarkozy does not outline any appeasement movement, not a sign, not a gesture, not an indication of appeasement towards his supporters, because they are his, who attack the mayor of Bordeaux. It is frozen and will remain frozen. Further proof – but it is only useful? – That a political war to death is now officially declared between the former president and his former foreign minister. It is no longer analysis, attitudes or postures that may be common to them. Nicolas Sarkozy and Alain Juppe will now shine on everything and as soon as possible.


Sarkozy deliberately chose permanent aggression, denunciation to slander, insult and personal attack if deems it necessary. Thus the Socialists and their leader would they have excluded themselves from the Republican camp. Why? According to the president of RS, they would have betrayed the Republic, repudiated its cardinal principles, abandoned our national and collective corpus. Holland, Valls, Bartolone, Le Drian, Fir or Macron, a-Republicans, not Republicans, anti-republican? This is what Nicolas Sarkozy now intends drumming every day for the French to regain lost popularity except in the heart of the militant right.

Juppé refuses this travesty of democratic dialogue. Right? Obviously. In opposition? Without any restraint. Convinced also that François Hollande was mistaken as to the economic policy to drive? That goes without saying. The mayor of Bordeaux bears not only his “moderation” but it meant at any price to play the game of exaggeration, denunciation or even slander. The frontal combat against the left, yes; caricature, no. By following these principles, Alain Juppe is confident of conquering the central axis of French society, a first majority in the primary of the right and center, a second majority at the second round of the presidential election.

Sarkozy is convinced, of course, that his rival wanders, that the French expect a straight right, a hard right and virulent defiance Marine Le Pen on his land, its themes and theses.

Juppé-Sarkozy, Sarkozy-Juppé, one of the two errs, by definition.


Nicolas Sarkozy, once fascinated by communitarianism to the Anglo-Saxon hard fan of the priest, pastor, rabbi or imam by definition superior to teacher and the teacher – not old, it dates back less than ten years – has made a complete rotation of ideological top. He now advocates an ultra design, closed, lay-laïcarde of secularism, a design that, you must know, has never prevailed in the French model is pragmatism, adaptation of donations granted piecemeal. That Jewish students in public education skipped school, lessons and homework on Yom Kippur has never aroused the slightest protest. This was so, and it was well well. More question, according to Nicolas Sarkozy, to compromise. Secularism, secularism all, no accommodation, even cause a series of unnecessary clashes. To complete his demonstration, the former head of state recalled the last weekend that was hostile to alternative school meals, so pork for everyone.

Alain Juppé at the head of a big city, knows that such a radical posture will cause repeated fractures in French society, as hundreds of thousands of children will be placed cantilevered in contradiction, their family of one side, teachers from the other. Remain faithful to the primordial foundation of secularism, obviously, but without wishing to humiliation. Juppé knows that by insisting much and as hard on the theme of secularism, Sarkozy has the will to radicalize the political confrontation, especially about the place of Islam in France. It will replicate with measure; it will suggest nuanced solutions. The extent and grade will they have their place in the next presidential confrontation? Nothing is less obvious.


Now Nicolas Sarkozy more control than ever the party, a “new” organization. LR will be at his boot, RS will be built to be made available. That’s why Alain Juppe, immediately after the founding congress, considered it essential to return to the primary, its conception, organization. A primary right and center …; a primary where can express the millions of French, so open, truly open, not only to the activists and supporters of LR. However, Alain Juppe, and he made it clear this weekend, has little confidence in a primary qu’organiserait that bidouillerait rather the Sarkozy clan installed by force of circumstances to the direction of LR. Therefore Juppé demands guarantees of honesty and transparency. Therefore Juppe suggested that, otherwise it will dry primary to stand directly in the first round of presidential elections – which would be suicide for the Republican right, but too bad

The conference is. past. Vive policy and its charms among Republicans!


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