Friday, May 22, 2015

Saudi Prince shone in Paris: six accused and jailed suspects – BBC

Last summer, the convoy of a wealthy Saudi prince was robbed north of Paris. Over a dozen people arrested on Monday in connection with this investigation, six were under investigation.

Aged 27 to 51 years, these individuals were indicted Friday for “organized gang robbery with weapon and conspiracy.” They have also been detained. These indictments involved nine months after the spectacular robbery of the Saudi Prince Fahd Ben Abdel Aziz convoy visiting the capital.

Among the suspects, some are from towns in the Paris region, others are part of the Gypsy community. Most are known for acts of delinquency, such as robbery or drug trafficking. Some met at previous stay in prison.

The attack occurred Sunday, August 17, 2014. A convoy consisting of ten cars that left the luxury George V hotel near the Champs Elysees to rally Bourget Airport had been attacked in the evening on northern Paris ring road at the Porte de la Chapelle. This is particularly the car’s stewardship of the Saudi prince who had been targeted. Gunmen aboard two BMW cars, had seized the vehicle, a Mercedes minivan, which was occupied by three people. They were released unharmed. As for the robbers they had fled with the vehicle of stewardship and his booty: about 250,000 euros and embassy documents. The Mercedes and BMW robbers had been found later burnt in a village in the Paris area.

At the material time, the first elements collected attested thesis robbers “fairly seasoned “and” aware of what they would find in cash. ” Some suspects had even been “fairly quickly” identified. But investigators lacked evidence “to hang” immediately. The indices “are then accumulated will” and resulted in the arrest last Monday of a dozen people, six were brought before investigating judges.

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