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The three challenges Cambadélis to be confirmed as head of the PS – The World

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Jean-Christophe Cambadélis during the vote on the motions PS in Paris on May 21

Except big surprise, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis should be elected First Secretary by the members of the Socialist Party after the election which held Thursday, May 28, 17 heures à 22 h. Last week, Motion A, which is the first signatory, and has received support from the government, had harvested 60% of the votes in the first round.

The motion B, the “rebellious” had achieved 29%. His first signatory, Christian Paul, comes face to Mr. Cambadélis for the post of first secretary, but it is unlikely to reverse the trend. Especially since a majority of managers motions C (1.5%) and D (9.5%) expressed its intention to vote in favor of the current first secretary.

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Already in office for one year, Mr. Cambadélis had not been knighted by a militant vote and had been appointed by the national council of the party to replace Harlem Désir, joined the government in April, 2014.

  • The participation, main issue

In the vote on the motions on May 21, which determines the composition of the bodies of the Socialist Party, just over 70,000 activists mobilized. If Solferino welcomed the percentage score (54.52%), equivalent to the Toulouse congress in 2012, this communication does not mask the small number of the PS. Since the election of Francois Hollande, 40 000 militants have deserted the party. It remains only 130,000 members in training. And yet, they are far from all to date with their dues.

With a second round preordained, the leadership fears a collapse of participation, which would harm the image of a first secretary elected by an electoral body decimated. In the first round A motion was chosen by less than 40,000 votes. Motion B has it been approved by only 18 000 members

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For comparison , the National Federation of Socialist and Republican Elected (FNESR) records for his part a little over 30 000 members, who count themselves almost as many employees. A public which can legitimately think that he was very mobilized for the vote. What strengthen the image of a party that curls up on his chosen and moves away from its militant base.

Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, work actually begins the day after the vote. The first secretary must train the leadership of the party. The National Council (parliament of the party) and the National Office (governing body) are made in proportion to the score of the first round. Each motion, which is usually a combination of different currents within it must decide who will represent it in these instances. The negotiations have already begun. Mr. Cambadélis that gathered on his motion relatives of Francois Hollande, Martine Aubry, Manuel Valls, Ségolène Royal or Gérard Collomb, will have to make trade-offs.

It will then dial the national secretariat (government party), involving only members of its majority. Again, the first secretary will have to decide between the need for renewal of his team and the requirements of each current. All these decisions will be ratified at the convention itself, to be held in Poitiers from June 5 to 7

  • The third round in sight

In addition to the vote on 29 May, part of the PS activists already head to the polls … June 11 That day, the first federal secretaries (departmental managers) will be elected. The balance of power within the Socialist Party are measured mainly to the number of departments held by each current.

The federations then have the power to nominate candidates for local elections. The new balances in the PS could therefore be reflected in the fall, when the constitution of lists for regional elections

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