Monday, May 25, 2015

Paris – The controversial “room shoot” Paris moved project … – The Express

After months of controversy, the experimental project of “ Consumer room safer “, which was to open at 39, boulevard de la Chapelle, in the north of the capital , is “ left ” to “ the problems of isolation and lack of access “, told AFP the mayor of the Tenth Arrondissement, Remi Feraud.

The room will be moved 200 meters ,” says the elected socialist. If the final location within the Lariboisière hospital is not yet decided, it evokes “ two or three possible places “, considered with management and the Public Assistance Hospitals of Paris ( AP-HP).

The project will be backed to the hospital ,” added Bernard Jomier, Deputy of Health of the municipality of Paris, adding that “ access only will not happen through the main door, but the side “.

For the Gaia Association, which will manage the room, this location “ to fulfill the objectives in terms of size and location, near the North Station area, strongly affected by drug problems “.

There will be an opening on the street, to make our outreach to drug users ” to “ will not go through the wicket or the corridors of hospital, “told AFP Dr. Thomas Dusouchet, coordinator of the association.

Former chosen location, presented in May 2013 as the “ most suitable ” to host major drug insecure and allow them to consume their drugs under supervision of health workers and reduce disturbances to public order, was challenged by local residents.

The residents of the building at the chosen site had expressed several times.

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The change of location is “ good news “to Berthe Desvages resident of the building, the windows are covered with” No “in this experiment. “ We have already had problems with addicts who were in the building to find the room shoot. Some are mounted to the sixth floor ,” she said.

With the installation in recent months of a wild camp of hundreds of migrants under the rails of the nearby subway, opposite the original site, “ aberration ” was its height, for his part stressed Marpessa Rodolph, another waterfront.

The camp has a lot degraded the environment ” admits Remi Feraud. “ These were not optimal conditions “, adds Bernard Jomier.

This decision is “ recognition by the city that it was a mistake to set up this room in town, as we said ” responds Philippe Gougeon, UMP Paris. But the room “ will cause a flow of addicts ” around the hospital, he warns, suitable to create “ a drug’s market “.

Deborah Pawlik, elected UMP in the borough, this movement “ does not solve the basic problem “: “ this will not help the addicts out dependence “.

The president of the association Parents against drugs Serge Lebigot stresses that “ Lariboisière hospital is the one that receives most emergency patients “, worrying too the “ risk of attacks ” and “ traffic that will settle around “.

A traffic already present with street addicts using public toilets as shooting galleries, meets the borough mayor. “ users are already there, it’s not the room that attracts ,” added Thomas Dusouchet, the Gaia association.

The opening of the hall, conditional on passing a law in Parliament, should not occur until early 2016, said Bernard Jomier.

In early April, the National Assembly adopted on first reading the principle of “ shooting galleries “, for up to six years. The text should be reviewed in the fall in the Senate.


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