Saturday, May 30, 2015

Nicolas Sarkozy active reconquest – FranceTV info


In four days, Nicolas Sarkozy is mounted on stage twice, first at Le Havre and Saturday 30 May in Paris. Philippe Moreau for Chevrolet, a specialist in political communication, Nicolas Sarkozy uses several strategies. He plays including humor card: “There’s something I had not anticipated was that ‘I’ wanted to choose himself the name of our party,” said Nicolas Sarkozy.
“There was a phase where he wanted to win back the militants. That is why he seeks with humor. He wants to appear kind to let it be said ok, Sarkozy irritating side, he took us to the defeat in 2012 but basically it’s funny. It’s this lack of sympathy he seeks to compensate because that is its biggest handicap, even right to return “ says the specialist.

In his desire to return to power, Nicolas Sarkozy thus takes care of his image. An item other contenders for the primary right-wing party had neglected during the congress of the Republicans on Saturday
This afternoon, four contenders for the primary, both have been whistling. Alain Juppe and François Fillon. Bruno Mayor, he took good care to place activists to his cause in the room. The Battle of the image is just beginning.

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