Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Outreau trial: the return of Miriam Badawi, the “seating diva” – L’Express

Myriam Badawi is back at the helm. Also as part of the Outreau affair and its ramifications … Convicted and imprisoned for violating his four son, the incestuous mother should testify Wednesday at the trial of one of the 13 acquitted in the case, Daniel Legrand, held in Rennes this week.

When “seating diva” talk, “everyone is silent,” reflects journalist Florence Aubenas, in The mistake, the Outreau case (Ed. du Seuil, 2005). The “queen Myriam,” his other nickname, was a decisive factor in the case, there is 10 years. His statements were fluctuating in turn swelled the charges … and then led to the acquittal of the majority of accused Outreau.

Free and “morphed”

This time, Myriam Badaoui appear free and “transformed” after one of his son questioned by Francetvinfo. But asked not to be photographed or filmed, Wednesday, anxious to preserve its new anonymous. Released in 2011 after serving two thirds of his sentence, she would live in Brittany. She was sentenced in 2004 to 15 years in prison for sexual assault of ten children, procuring on its four son and corruption eleven children.

His testimony follows that of her ex-husband, Thierry Delay, still in prison, which was heard on Tuesday. Sentenced to twenty imprisonment for rape of his children, the latter exonerated Daniel Legrand. He also faced two of his son, victims of rape, in a face-to-face chilling racnoté by Le Figaro. Chérif Jonathan the civil parties in this new case, however, argue that Daniel Legrand was part of their attackers when he was a minor.

“A little pathological liar”

“It was only four. There were no other adults,” insisted Thierry Delay pointing again as guilty of rapes his ex-wife, he and a couple of neighbors. “I violated my children,” he also assured, calling Myriam Badaoui woman “a little compulsive liar.” An understatement relative to the size of its turnovers in the instruction and the first two trials, in 2004 in Saint-Omer then on appeal in Paris in 2005.

The statements Myriam Badaoui had a initially helped boost the instruction judge Fabrice Burgaud, became that of an “alleged pedophile network,” before collapsing to the indictment, admitting to have largely lied. She finally cleared 13 of the 17 indicted, including Daniel Legrand and his namesake father, now deceased. As Thierry Delay, it stated that only they and a couple of neighbors, had violated their children.


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