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Pantheon: Holland celebrates resistant “united by the love of their … – The Point

“Four stories that give flesh and face to the Republic, recalling the values” Francois Hollande has made a solemn tribute Wednesday but also very topical and policy-Geneviève de Gaulle Anthonioz, Pierre Brossolette, Jean and Germaine Tillion . Zay for their entry to the Pantheon

“Admirable, without wanting to be admired; recognized, without trying to be known, celebrated, without thought to be famous”, the “big four embody the French Resistance, the spirit of the Resistance, the spirit of resistance, “he told the Head of State before their coffins placed on white catafalques.

Driven by Republican Guards from the nearby Sorbonne, coffins were escorted under a beautiful spring sun with a retinue of 144 relatives, resistant, association leaders, high school students or very moved. For the occasion, giant portraits of the four “panthéonisés” signed by the artist Ernest Pignon-Ernest had been stretched between the columns of this republican temple.

These two women and two men “embody the spirit of the Resistance, the spirit of resistance Against the Occupation, submission, they brought the same answer. They said no right away, firmly, calmly, “said Francois Hollande, celebrating their” courage, “before concluding:” Sit here, it’s yours. ” Pantheon of bronze heavy doors are then slowly opened, soon crossed by the coffins, after them, the president followed families whereas outside resounded with applause.

But in his speech , President Hollande also part of the present time to call for “due diligence” and “resistance” in front of “indifference to fanaticism, racism, anti-Semitism”, to “inequality, injustice , the indecencies “and even” disaster, climate disorders, exhaustion of our planet. ” Today, he assured, the ethnologist “Germaine Tillion would be in the refugee camp hosting exiles in Syria and Iraq. It called for solidarity with the Christians of the East. It would be mobilized to find the girls abducted by Boko Haram. It would worry the fate of the migrants “.

A speech sprinkled with allusions

Recalling the” reforming audacity “Jean Zay, Minister of Education of the Popular Front with the” unification of programs [...], the orientation classes, directed activities [or] interdisciplinary lessons, “he exclaimed: “Today it looks like a program,” in a clear allusion to the disputed reform of the college

Considered by many as having already taken the field for 2017, the president pointed out. ” The task is not over. We have to carry through for easy state for balanced territories for modernized procedures. ” And as to contradict those who argue, as the essayist Emmanuel Todd, that monster walk of 11 January against jihadist attacks of early January had met only a fraction of the population, the president launched “All n ‘ were not there, but the march was for all “

Francois Hollande had said on February 21, announcing the names of four persons chosen: the anthropologist Germaine Tillion is in his eyes.” Equal between men and women, between cultures, between peoples. ” Geneviève de Gaulle-Anthonioz, former President of ATD Fourth World and niece of General de Gaulle, “is brotherhood” with “the poor, the forgotten, the excluded, relegated,” he continued. The intellectual and journalist Pierre Brossolette, “is freedom” of the man who committed suicide without speaking after two days of torture by the SS. As for Jean Zay was murdered in June 1944 by militias, “is secularism,” but also “the Republic, the school of the Republic”.

The Pantheon, the fronton proclaims motto “To great men the grateful homeland” does far as hosting 2 women of 71 personalities, the physicist Marie Curie, Nobel Prize in physics and chemistry, and Sophie Berthelot, which are, however, based in its capacity as wife of the chemist Marcellin Berthelot.

Fifty years earlier, December 19, 1964, another great resistance made his entrance to the Pantheon, Jean Moulin, hosted by the historic speech of André Malraux ( “Enter here, Jean Moulin, with your terrible procession …”) in an atmosphere much more tragic and dark. With the exception of Georges Pompidou and Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, all predecessors Francois Hollande under the Fifth Republic have used this presidential prerogative to choose and serve great republican figures under the huge dome in the heart of the Latin Quarter.


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